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Am I wrong to ask for a refund? Manky, smelly, almost sex-listing shoes (by accident)

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 10:05:38

I purchased a pair of shoes on eBay. The seller had uploaded a 'description' using her mobile - it just said 'Brand, shoes, used'. She had taken what I know now as very flattering photographs showing a pair of barely used shoes.

They arrive today and I think I have accidentally bought sex-listing shoes as they stink to high heaven of feet - they reek so bad that I have had to put them outside the back door in the box! The soles are completely worn away and the heel has lost all the leather in some giant scrape - in fact the soles and heel are very likely unreplaceable as it has worn to the nub.

Now, she 'technically' did nothing wrong I think (apart from being manky and sending something out so disgusting that no human would wear it) as she just put 'used' in the listing and used flattering photos.

What do you think?

limetrees Thu 15-Sep-11 10:07:04

have a read of her returns policy
she might accept returns anyway

LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 10:09:01

She's written "No returns accepted"

fergoose Thu 15-Sep-11 10:10:01

Yes you can email her first and if no/unsatisfactory response then open a not as described case.

You will probably have to return them before you get a refund. Her return policy is irrelevant, if they are not as described you are entitled to a refund of your original payment.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 10:14:11

Is not putting a description a 'not as described' though confused

Is an absence of information enough?

fergoose Thu 15-Sep-11 10:16:00

Well clothing/footwear has to be cleaned before dispatch - they clearly weren't so you have a case. Have you emailed the seller?

LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 10:28:54

Thanks for that, I didn't realise they had to be cleaned. I have emailed and am awaiting a response.

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