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How do I refund plus P&P?

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toobreathless Wed 14-Sep-11 13:20:30


I sold a quite expensive breastfeeding top as 'like new' (worn once) the buyer has returned to me saying there are 3 very small holes in the shoulder seam. She sounded polite & has 100% positive feedback with a lot of sales so I have no reason to think she isn't genuine.

I have offered her a £10 refund & keep the top or to return for a full refund & I have said I will refund P&P. I am now struggling to refund more than she paid me (i.e including P&P) could anybody tell me how to do this?

Many thanks,

fergoose Wed 14-Sep-11 14:04:05

you can't - you can only refund what she paid you. The extra would have to be a paypal payment to her incurring fees or chq/postal order

Incidentally don't refund until the item has been returned.

LaWeasel Wed 14-Sep-11 14:18:58

DH had to do this yesterday, as you say you can't raise the refund level, you have to do the return postage as a seperate payment. (I can ask him tonight how he did that 'cos I'm not sure)

Don't do it until you get your item back, you then have 3 days according to ebay rules to make the refund payment.

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