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Want to try my hand at buying to sell on eBay

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pud1 Thu 08-Sep-11 15:54:15

DO any of you ladies do this with any joy. I know I would have to register as a business. I think I have just missed my first purchase which was a dress by sandwich in my local charity shop. It was a grey cross over style dress going for 3.99. Would have thought i would have thought in would have made some profit. Have you got any tips or experiences for me

Mspontipine Fri 09-Sep-11 22:44:27

If you have a look in advanced search in Ebay you can do a bit of a research on how stuff's selling. Not sure why you would need to register as a business. Are you ready to lauch yourself huge scale or sell odd bits and bobs?

Mspontipine Fri 09-Sep-11 22:46:26

Take a look here

Green's the stuff that's sold.

sarahtigh Sun 11-Sep-11 16:31:01

technically if you buy in order to sell on its not a private sale, you have 3 months before you need to tell inland revenue etc re starting business so yuo could try for 8 weeks see it is working remember to keep accounts and receiopts as if it does work accounts will need to start from today, remeber receipts for posting bags bubble wrap stciky labels for addresses etcrough guide to make money you need to sell at at least the price you pay +50%

othrwise buy at £3 , postage just covers that, remeber insertion fees for extra photos, with ebay fees at 10% paypal at 3.4% +20p

so for example you pay at £3 and sell for £5, so if started at 99p with 1 extra photo and postage of £2,50 your fees are 12p + 50p, + 46p you make 34p on postage as it was actually 2.16 to post but your mailing bag costs 10p so now you have 5.34 - (300+12+50+46+10) = profit £1.16

to be honest if you are just selling 6 items a week and make £30 it would pass un noitced remeber if you are business seller there are no fee insertion fees even at 99p or free weekends, if you do it set up another ebay account so you can sell persomnally stuff on 1 account remember to buy packaging with business account

you can certainly make money this way but make sure you think lower price items under £20 will sell for nearly double that or you will be going to a lot of trouble and finding you make 52p

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