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Shakti Wed 07-Sep-11 10:11:25


I am selling some perfume on ebay in a desperate attempt to raise some funds! I have had an email asking me to quote for postage to Bosnia. The potential buyer has good feedback etc so i do not think it is dodgy.

Can anyone give me some advice - should I reply? I assume that I would need to have received money via paypal first before posting if she bids/wins. How does getting proof of delivery work?

Thank you

fergoose Wed 07-Sep-11 10:15:35

you would need to send international signed for but I am not sure about the reliability of postage to Bosnia

Never post without paypal payment received first

I don't sell abroad, but it is up to you if you want to

80sbabe Sat 10-Sep-11 00:48:31

I have never had any problem with sales to Eastern Europe, I frequently send items to Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and other such destinations. Depending on the value I use either ordinary Airmail or International Recorded, but IR is expensive and I only use it for anything worth £36 or more.
I have never had an item go astray in that part of the world, in fact I do find the more "unusual" the destination the more reliable the post seems to be. Some of the European Countries nearer to the UK appear to have a much worse record for delivery of items.

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