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AIBU about this? (Long & ranty)

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SmilingandWaving Tue 06-Sep-11 10:43:35

Hi just want to get some opinions as to whether or not IABU about this really, I'm fairly new to ebay so not to sure.

I put a bid on what was listed as a kids leather jacket, the starting bid was 99p but from looking around a lot of things start at 99p and can end up selling for a lot more.

I won the item for £1.50 in the end & postage was £2, which I thought was reasonable. When it turned up it was obvious from the second I opened it that it was actually a polyurethane faux leather jacket.

So I contacted the seller to say I wasn't very happy as I was under the impression that I was buying leather not fake leather & if I'd known it to be the case then I wouldn't have bid. The response I got was:

'I've never seen a listing on eBay as polyurethane jacket? If you look all the others they'll be the same! I'll refund if you send it back but You'll have to pay postage! I can't honestly believe you thought you'd get a Real leather jacket for under a fiver?!? And you won't get one from next either Hun'

I think it's because she called me Hun but his really annoyed me, I replied along the lines of others I had seen said 'faux', 'imitation' or 'leather look' & I was better off keeping it rather than spending another £2 in order to get £1.50 back. She replied basically saying I was an idiot to think I'd get leather so cheap & if it was real then she'd have stated real, which I think is wrong. So I told her I'd be leaving negative feedback as she was rude and it was not as listed & left it at that.

I then see that she's left me 'positive' feedback saying that she had to chase me for payment & she wouldn't recommend selling to me, & that she's put a note under the feedback I left saying I was late paying & I was harassing her!

I emailed her to say this was very underhand, untrue (I have receipts saying I paid on time) & against ebay policy & I was reporting her feedback. Ebay removed it but she sent me an email mocking me & saying she didn't care about a 'slap on the wrist' from ebay.

It really annoyed me, and I'm thinking I probably won't use ebay any more if this is how I'll be treated. Was I unreasonable? Is this typical of ebay?

Round of applause if you got this far, this I needed a therapeutic rant.

fergoose Tue 06-Sep-11 10:47:48

Don't speak to her again, and don't threaten neg feedback as this could be feedback extortion

open not as described with eBay, not paypal

where you tick what resolution you want tick 'other' and in box next to it write in 'refund'

escalate in 10 days and you will get refund without having to return it

then you can consider leaving her a well deserved neg and rubbish stars

also her taunting email, I hope you reported it to ebay as it is harrassment. If she continues ebay may tell you to contact the police.

And don't let her put you off, she is really not worth it. Don't reply or engage with her any more, is so not worth your blood pressure smile

SmilingandWaving Tue 06-Sep-11 11:04:06

Now I wish I'd posted here earlier, I didn't know I could open a resolution or report emails (I should read up a bit more). I already left her feedback, I didn't mean it to be a threat, more of a 'just so you know' iykwim.

I was about a month ago, so seems a bit late & petty to do anything about it now. It had just been bothering me as every time I see the jacket it reminds me & I only just discovered this topic on MN so thought I'd ask the experts.

Thanks for the reply, I feel a bit better about using it now. There really are some bargains on there, especially for baby bits, and we're on quite a tight budget so would like to see what I can get.

fergoose Tue 06-Sep-11 11:13:52

you have 45 days to open a not as described case with ebay so may still have time. You can also leave follow up to the feedback you left for them if you wish. Just be calm, businesslike and factual. Her reply I bet speaks volumes about her, and I am sure she treats many in this way - it is nothing personal to you, even though it feels like it!

There are some fab sellers and bargains I agree - anyway it is the principle of your seller lying and then crowing about it which is disgraceful. Whether it is £1 or £100.

Put the jacket in at your local charity shop and try and forget about it - at least something good will come out of your horrible seller.

fergoose Tue 06-Sep-11 11:14:45

By the way, I was not accusing you of feedback extortion - just wanted you to avoid it! smile

SmilingandWaving Tue 06-Sep-11 11:32:26

Thank you so much for the advice. I feel a lot better about it now I know I can still do something about it. I'd been planning on taking it to the charity shop, just hadn't got around to it yet.

I was just so unsure as she didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with her description & I didn't know there was any other way of getting a refund. In future I'll just be more wary & more aware of hoe to solve any issues.

SmilingandWaving Tue 06-Sep-11 11:38:56

Would you believe it the deadline to contact them was yesterday! Just my luck smile

fergoose Tue 06-Sep-11 11:56:09

oh sugar, what luck - oh well live and learn.

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