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lisad123 Sat 03-Sep-11 11:37:58

I sold an item, it sold for 99p plus post. I sent item, buyer never recieved it. I asked her to wait one more day just in case but she opened a dispute. I tried to refund her, but it keeps saying theres a problem with paypal, so have paypal'ed her the money mannually. Shes now still saying shes not recieved money and upped it again and left me neg feedback.
Im now out of pocket, with no item. Will ebay be able to see that I have refunded her on my paypal?? I hit refund on pp, and it said it would take 5-7days, so did it this way.
Help I dont want to refund her twice!!

fergoose Sat 03-Sep-11 13:14:16

ok - first of all you should only have refunded via the original payment. This would not work if there was no money in your paypal account. you need to transfer funds to your paypal from you bank which will take a few days,then find her original payment and hit refund from there.

secondly you paid her money via paypal - you should never refund this way as buyer can still claim refund of original payment and get paid twice, also they will pay fees getting paid this way. This payment you have made, go to paypal and log in and go to resolution at the top, and open a not received claim using the transaction id of that payment, you then escalate straight away and paypal will refund you the money

you then need to email your buyer and sort this out - has she opened a not received claim with ebay or paypal. either way you need to refund her correctly.

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