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Is this fair compensation?

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BootyMum Thu 01-Sep-11 21:16:18

I bought a bed guard at Buy it Now price [no auction] which was listed as brand new, no damage etc. The price was close to what I would have paid in say Mothercare, around £30. When it arrived I discovered that it had a small dent on the top edge. The bed guard is still fit for purpose but the damage is noticeable.

The box and packaging containing the bed guard was intact and it doesn't look to me as if it was damaged in transit.

I have reported this to the seller who asked for photos of damage and box. Once she had received this she said she felt the damage had happened in transit as it had been perfect when she sent it to me. She has asked me what I want by way of compensation.

I have no way of knowing if she was trying to pull a fast one over me [perhaps by sending a brand new *factory second*] or if she thinks I am pulling a fast one by deliberately damaging the bed guard and then looking for partial/full refund.

Anyway, I was thinking to ask for a partial refund of £10 as I might have paid £20 for the item [full price £30] if I had known it was damaged in this way. I don't particularly want a refund as the guard is still usable and it will be a hassle to post it back to her.

Do you feel this is fair to ask for a third off original price?

If seller was genuine and item was damaged in transit will she be compensated by the courier? I don't really want her to lose out if she is genuine...

Sorry for the essay!

twotesttickles Fri 02-Sep-11 20:40:18

I think that's fair smile

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