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Who pays to return a faulty item

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NoseyNooNoo Wed 31-Aug-11 23:37:27

I ordered a new item fro eBay which was faulty. I told the seller who took a while to reply, in fact only once I'd reported it to eBay.

He said this item often has a different fault that could be fixed by me, otherwise to return it for exchange. Mine is faulty in a different way so I want an exchange so I asked who would pay for the postage and he said I would have to because he'd have to pay to send a new one out to me.

He's already admitted that the item has faults anyway so I feel aggrieved that I have to pay to refund a faulty item.

So, should I pay to send it back (about 50% of the value of the item) or continue to persue it through eBay?

fergoose Thu 01-Sep-11 08:18:03

the seller should pay the cost of return, but you can't enforce it in any way

why would you want a replacement, which may also be faulty anyway?
I would be asking for full refund if I were you and going elsewhere.

NoseyNooNoo Thu 01-Sep-11 09:19:39

I hadn't thought of that - you're right!

aswellasyou Thu 01-Sep-11 18:40:32

Have you got to the point in the 'item not as described' case when eBay asks you if you're happy with the seller's solution (i.e. returning it for an exchange)? If so, say no, and eBay may well refund your initial outlay including postage and you won't have to return the item. My sister managed this with a item sent in a different size to the size stated in the listing and that also had chewing gum on! hmm

fergoose Thu 01-Sep-11 18:48:52

or if when you open the case in ebay (not paypal) you select for your resolution you want 'other' and write refund in the empty box next to it, rather than selecting refund or replacement, then when escalated ebay will give you a no fault refund and you don't need to return the item.

NoseyNooNoo Thu 01-Sep-11 19:04:42

I replied again saying that I was not happy to be out of pocket due to him sending a faulty item. He replied,

'without the item I have no way of knowing if it is faulty or 'damaged caused' to the item.

I am sure you would agree it would be unfair to suffer loss due to 'damage caused' should that be the case.

However as a long standing ebay member I am sure you are not abusing the ebay buyer protection and have therefore sent you a replacement bag today.'

It had not crossed my mind that he thought I was abusing the system.

So, what feedback to leave now?

fergoose Thu 01-Sep-11 19:08:28

i would wait to receive the replacement and check it is not faulty first I guess?

If it is ok you can leave positive, but if you feel he has messed you around then maybe a neutral. Or you could just not leave any at all - sometimes I leave none if I don't want to leave a neut or neg, but am not happy enough to leave a positive smile (or maybe I worry too much and should just leave good feedback and move on!)

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