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Ebay -refund for faulty item

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bigbadtiger Sun 28-Aug-11 17:30:39

Im having a little bit of difficulty with an ebay purchase. The seller and I seem to be getting tangled up in politeness and I'm not sure what is fair grin

I bought a skirt, that was described as being perfect, brand new etc. When it arrived, it has clearly been made wrong - it is a kilt style skirt and the buckles are in the wrong place. However I think that with a bit of effort I can detach them and resew them correctly.

I contacted the seller who offered a full refund (and no return).

I replied saying that I thought that was excessive (skirt inc postage was 19.50), and that perhaps a small refund would be better, as I do think it can be fixed.

She hasnow very kindly got back to me saying I can have whatever refund I think is suitable, or if I like she has a matching cardigan that she can send me in place of a refund. I really like the sound of the cardigan, but not sure if that is fair (Im slightly tempted to ask for the cardigan and offer her some money towards it, but thats making things even more complicated)

Can someone please talk some sense into me and tell me what seems fair? grin

fergoose Sun 28-Aug-11 17:46:36

well it depends what you feel comfortable with

you obviously have a very decent seller, so am sure you can reach an amicable solution

i would go for half refund for the skirt - ask yourself how much would you have bid knowing the faults and the work you will need to do to rectify

bigbadtiger Sun 28-Aug-11 19:33:48

Thanks, I let her choose, and she is going to send me the cardigan. She will be getting good feedback. smile

fergoose Sun 28-Aug-11 19:42:14

excellent - nice to see there are such decent sellers still. You tend to only hear about the bad, and not the good smile

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