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What if the thing I sent recorded has gone missing?

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GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 09:35:12

Hiya, can I just check what to do if anyone can help please?

I sent something (not that valuable) on the 17th August by first class recorded. I hadn't had feedback yet so checked the tracking and it appears it's 'in the system' which according to customer service means it's missing.

The woman said I have to wait till the 3rd September to claim for loss. But that's hardly fair on my buyer. I've sent her the tracking number 9she's not been in touch yet) and apologised and said I will refund her in full if it doesn't turn up.

But when should I do this, and what if it DOES turn up after I've refunded her - obviously RM won't still pay up and she might not pay me again.

Do I really have to make her wait till September to get her refund?

Thanks in advance

GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 09:36:43

Sorry, 9= (

dizzyday07 Thu 25-Aug-11 10:00:19

You have to wait 15 working days for RM to claim a parcel as missing. I have explained this to Ebay buyers and if still not arrived refund in full. Then make a claim with RM.

I don't know what would happen if it turns up after the 15 days and you already have a claim in.

I have had an Ebay buyer repay me when a missing parcel did appear - but I'm sure most wouldn't as they'd assume RM would reimburse

fergoose Thu 25-Aug-11 10:01:47

I think you are worrying unnecessarily, it most likely has been delivered but postie didn't get a signature

has the buyer been in touch chasing up their item? If not I am sure it has been delivered. If it is lost you claim from Royal Mail after 15 days.

GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 10:33:17

Thankyou both,

Fergoose - what makes you so sure, has this happened to you a lot? I'm a bit worried the buyer will press for a refund now as I don't know it's been delivered.

In which case I guess I can chase it with RM, but surely they scan everything when they deliver? <confused>

fergoose Thu 25-Aug-11 10:34:48

because i get loads of signed for items which I never have to sign for. It is very common, lazy postmen etc.

Has the buyer said she hasn't received it?

navyblueknickers Thu 25-Aug-11 11:06:35

Can I second Fergoose's comments. I have even received Specials without being asked to sign for them.

I have recently sent a letter recorded because I had to have proof it had arrived. I checked daily and sure enough, it was never signed for. So I claimed for a lost item and they sent me a book of stamps.

GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 12:26:02

Thankyou, well the thing is I get those too but it seems the postie actually just scans the label now at delivery so no sig is required. iyswim?

So if it's not been scanned, well there's no way to know at all.
I'm so furious with RM. They really do take the piss don't they.

I haven't heard a thing from the buyer.

fergoose Thu 25-Aug-11 12:27:43

so you are worrying for no reason then - am sure it has been delivered and all is well.

If the buyer claims it has not arrived, wait 15 days then claim from royal mail for lost item.

GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 12:32:05

Thankyou...hope you're right smile

GloriaVanderbilt Thu 25-Aug-11 22:09:50

You were right!

thanks for stopping me panicking. Buyer just emailed and has had it about a week. She said claim anyway grin

but I shan't, obv.

fergoose Thu 25-Aug-11 22:15:30

excellent good news - I think you can claim back the recorded cost - 77p?, as royal mail neglected to get a signature

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