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Anyone recommend a UK wide courier they've used for ebay?

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AmyStake Sat 20-Aug-11 15:38:57

I'm going to be listing a keyboard tonight. Its 100cmx40cmx18cm and weighs 15kg! I'm trying to find a UK wide door to door courier, preferably not next day, who won't charge the earth for sending it.

Because I don't have a recepient address yet I'm having a hard time trying to get a quote, I found but it needs a recepient address and the few websites I have found want receipient addresses as well.

Can anyone recommend a good courier they've used? I'm in Greater Manchester.

Thanks smile

AmyStake Sat 20-Aug-11 15:39:32

Oops forgot to mention, I did get a quote from a website that I didn't realise was a subsidary of TNT.. £330. hmm

Honeydragon Sat 20-Aug-11 15:45:19

I rate highly p4d, on your spec they've quoted

vat on top, and its a little more for insurance over £50

AmyStake Sat 20-Aug-11 16:10:31

Oh thank you so much, that is perfect. Just what I'm looking for.

But as I can't get an absolute quote on a courier until I know the sellers postcode, how much should I put the courier price for on ebay? confused

Honeydragon Sat 20-Aug-11 17:10:41

have a look on completed listings , see what others have charged, and what they've sold for. I guess £10/£12 would cover charges and not put off buyers.

80sbabe Sun 21-Aug-11 20:26:28

I find good to get a variety of quotes from different companies. You don't need a recipient address to get a quote and you'll get a range of delivery options too.
On the info you've given they would deliver it on a standard service from as cheap as £5.85 + VAT.

Theyremybiscuits Sun 21-Aug-11 20:28:06

Interparcel are excellent.

dizzyday07 Tue 23-Aug-11 16:53:59

I sold a keyboard back in May. I used Parcel2Go. I think I charged £20 for the postage as it has extra insurance added to it

CaringForPod Wed 24-Aug-11 17:26:06

I use my hermes when sending bulky stuff, not had a problem yet and fairly cheap

AmyStake Sun 28-Aug-11 23:44:00

Well the keyboard went for the grand sum of £1.04 so I'll check out what the prices including insurance are at P4D.

I'm just wondering how to pack the bloody thing. Do I put it in a cardboard box? Just wrap it in loads of bubblewrap? Seller has paid by e-cheque so got until 5th September to sort out packaging!

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