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Question re refund

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Broodymomma Sun 07-Aug-11 21:44:57

Hi. I bought what was clearly a fake designer top on eBay and returned it for a refund. I got the refund today but she has not refunded the original postage which was £4. I know the return postage was at my own cost but should she not had refunded the original postage to me? eBay have now closed the case so not sure how I claim back the original postage if I am entitled to it? Thanks

fergoose Sun 07-Aug-11 22:23:27

she should have refunded the original postage, and to be honest the cost of return - have you asked for the balance?

did you open the case with ebay and why was it closed

could you open one with paypal now, not as described, escalate immediately input the tracking number and they will refund the balance.

Also leave appropriate feedback and stars.

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