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Is this cheeky?

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bettydoc Wed 03-Aug-11 13:11:58

I was watching an item on ebay and didn't notice the end time was about 5am this morning. blush I missed out on the auction but the item didn't sell. Contacted the seller to see if they would relist. They've responded to say that they want more than double the starting price (+p&p). If I had bid the starting price I'd have won the auction! I've now said I'd only be prepared to go £10 over the initial starting price. Am I being cheeky or are they being greedy?

WalterFlipschicks Wed 03-Aug-11 13:13:10

They are being greedy and trying their luck, chances are if they say no they will relist, and then you can bid what you are prepared to pay

roguepixie Wed 03-Aug-11 14:33:44

Completely out of order ...them, not you and trying their luck.

Wouldn't bother to buy from them unless they relist at original price.

fergoose Wed 03-Aug-11 14:49:04

I agree - i bet they do list at original price, and I hope you buy it at that amount and not a penny more. Mind you if they are daft enough to have it ending at stupid o'clock what do they expect. What a greedy seller.

bettydoc Wed 03-Aug-11 20:38:47


bettydoc Sat 06-Aug-11 07:35:22

They relisted at £20 over the original starting price but I bought the same item from someone else. wink

melyeo Sat 06-Aug-11 10:07:24

good on you! and I doubt they will sell their item AGAIN!!

moomoo1967 Thu 11-Aug-11 16:06:26

definately greedy ! If I am asked to relist an item(as I only list when there are free listing weekends at present) I just ask for what it would cost me to relist as extra so about 10-15p

Galena Fri 19-Aug-11 14:42:44

I had almost exactly this - there was an item I really wanted, was watching it and forgot to bid so it finished with no bids. Asked her to do a buy it now (without quoting a price) and she said she wanted more than that and so relisted it on an auction. Luckily she had a 99p start price. This time I bid 99p at the start and noone else bid so I won it. She had the last laugh though as she had miscalculated postage and told me I'd have to pay extra postage if I wanted the item. I asked eBay if this was acceptable because surely it was her responsibility to get the postage right at the start, and they said yes it was fine and that if I wasn't happy I could simply cancel the transaction. Needless to say I paid. angry

fergoose Fri 19-Aug-11 15:53:36

eBay told you that you had to pay extra postage? shock If they did that was wrong - a seller can only charge what is advertised on their listing, not any more. If they make a mistake it has to come out of their pocket.

Galena Fri 19-Aug-11 16:53:46

The seller told me that if I didn't want to pay the extra, she would cancel the transaction. I queried this with eBay and I was told clearly by eBay that the seller was at liberty to 'decide they didn't want to sell the item after all' and cancel the transaction for whatever reason. i.e. if I didn't pay the extra the seller could refund me and refuse to send the item.

I really wanted the item and there were no others about so I paid the postage. I was very angry though, but how could I argue?

fergoose Fri 19-Aug-11 16:55:33

No I know what you mean.

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