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Feedback Question

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Honeypie80 Fri 29-Jul-11 14:33:30

Hiya, I have 400 plus feedback all positive, yet today someone has left me my first neutral, Im fine in general with getting feedback etc but she actually wrote:

Item was just as described, would highly recommend and use again

So i obviously wondered and wrote to her asking if there had been a problem as id noticed she had left a neutral but a good comment, she said she left the neutral as it had taken 4 days to get the item to her..... She is a newish ebayer with 13 feedback comments all ok, Why do they do it.... just dont go on ebay at all if your like this, it really spoils it for everyone else.

fergoose Fri 29-Jul-11 14:58:54

Did you reply to her email? what was she expecting then?

Make sure you reply - buyer received item within 4 days, clearly doesn't understand how ebay works - or suchlike

At least it wasn't a neg I guess!

sixlostmonkeys Fri 29-Jul-11 18:06:54

I'd be tempted to reply to her again along the lines of - Hi, thanks for your reply, I am assuming you meant it took 14 days to get to you in which case I can only appologise on behalf of Royal Mail. Clearly you didn't mean 4 days as 4 days is considered to be an excellent amount of time for an item to reach a buyer on ebay. As it took Royal Mail 14 days to deliver your parcel would you have any objection to me making a complaint to RM on your behalf? Also, would you possibly consider revising your FB as I am sure the neutral will confuse other ebay users.

Honeypie80 Fri 29-Jul-11 21:09:55

Hi yes i have replied back that 4 days is considered good on ebay for delivery time and as i noticed you are a new user you will eventually realise how quick that has been, not had a reply yet though.

I know its not a negative which is good but i just hate the way people can judge you to there own standards, what is really good for 1 person is outrageous for another..

jimswifein1964 Mon 01-Aug-11 08:42:47

I had my first neutral in years this week.... because amongst a job lot of things, the buyer thought there might be an item which was neither in the photo nor in my listing, she just wanted it to be there hmmsad

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