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Is it worth going through ebay?

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maxybrown Tue 26-Jul-11 18:19:56

ok, so bought a bedroom set of various items, duvert curtains lightshade etc etc for DS. The lightshade though is missing an essential part, ie you can't use it as a lightshade without it! The duvet set had some repairs needed but this was clearly listed.

Anyway, I contact them the day it arrives (though I am already slightly peed off as took almost 2 weeks to get here and we could have collected but they insisted on collection within 48hrs and we couldn't have done that, anyway, I digress) to say thanks for the stuff but that the piece that attaches the light shade was missing and have they by any chance still got it attached to their light, little boy disappointed we can't put it reply. Leave it a couple of days and nothing so contact them again this time through item not as described, then they reply! Quite curt, no sorry or anything, telling me I have everything , return it for refund if I'm not happy. Ok fair enough, but harldy going to take all the other stuff of 3 year old DS, pay to return it losing money.

So, if i go through ebay is there anyway I can get partial refund? Don't want to return it all as DS would be really upset. He is already gutted he can't have the shade up. I have explained this to them, but obviously not going to hear back again now. I think if they had apologised and said they didn't know where that part was, what would I like to do etc etc but it was their take it or leave it attitude and basically saying there was nothing missing. They've got one neg already and no stars yet hmm

Can anyone help please? Just that I've heard of epople going through ebay for similar things

fergoose Tue 26-Jul-11 18:33:23

ebay won't organise a partial refund for you, they will tell you to return the lot for a full refund

If the seller is unwilling to help, leave appropriate feedback, and stars, ie 1 for as described. If you don't leave anything for the stars it doesn't count, so you must leave 1, or above, if you want the stars to count.

maxybrown Tue 26-Jul-11 18:36:14

Oh yes know all about stars etc and they will be getting negative anyway smile - but there have been people on here that here complained through ebay and got refund and not had to return the item, that's only reason I asked. Not familiar with Ebay claiming only PP! Thanks though

tigercametotea Tue 26-Jul-11 18:39:41

Oh dear they don't sound like very responsible sellers. Normally things like partial refunds would have to be negotiated between the buyer and seller I would think, as partial refunds are not something buyers are entitled to - they are however entitled to full refunds if they return all of what they bought from the seller in the transaction. Partial refunds can only take place if the seller agrees to it in the first place but in your case it seems they don't seem interested. I think if you opened a dispute through Paypal, Paypal would not say they are in the wrong since they are offering a full refund of your initial payment if you return all the stuff back. Is it just the lightshade that is the problem, and the other stuff are okay? If that's the case then you would have to decide if its worth the trouble and loss of paying for the return postage to return everything or if its probably better for you to keep everything but not be able to use the lightshade the way it was intended for.

tigercametotea Tue 26-Jul-11 18:47:44

On the other hand I'm pretty sure Paypal will give you a full refund if you had not received the item(s) you paid for in the first place. I've heard of them giving full refunds without the buyer having to return if the items were fake/counterfeit.

maxybrown Tue 26-Jul-11 18:49:41

Oh I'm not returning anything! I just wondered like I said after reading on here. I know PP would tell me to return it all and to be fair they have said i can do that but obviously not worth it and i wouldn't do that to DS. besides don't trust them. I'm fed up of attitudes on ebay to be honest, it's not difficult to be half polite at the least! I was going to complain to them about delivery times anyway as they despatched much later than advertised and I guess that riled me because of their 48 hour time slot for picking up............and breath! I don't always complain so much honestly!

fergoose Tue 26-Jul-11 19:11:51

i agree with you totally. Unfortunately money grabbing sellers who think it is their right to treat buyers like they are doing you a favour letting you buy from them seem more and more common.

I have not heard of partial refunds being granted by ebay to be honest.

maxybrown Tue 26-Jul-11 19:31:54

no fergoose sorry, one that i just found again on here was a woman saying she had complained to ebay about a pair of boots and they just sent her the refund (whole amount though)

My friend also had something she had sold, there was some problem with it, but before she had chance to do anything about it, he had complained to ebay and they refunded him, but didn't take money off my friend - not sure if they put some sort of note onto her account for that though? confused

I shall leave it but neg them - I never do it, am always too nice, but had enough! Someone left them neg on an electronic item saying it was covered in scartches and when they contacted them about it, got told there were none! So guess they are like that then!

fergoose Tue 26-Jul-11 19:44:33

ebay do offer no fault refunds sometimes, buyer keeps item and the money, seller keeps the money and ebay fund the refund themselves.

I agree neg all the way - they sound like crummy sellers, you are doing other buyers a favour leaving factual feedback, that is what it is there for - don't feel bad.

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