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Someone has paid by paypal for a collection only item. Can I ask them for cash instead?

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HairyJo Mon 25-Jul-11 09:27:44

The item is pick up only and I put cash on collection in my listing (I know ebay rules state you have to accept paypal).

They have 100% feedback and have bought and sold a fair bit so chances are they are genuine but obviously I will have no proof of sending the item. If I get them to sign the paypal invoice to confirm they have collected will this be adequate proof in event of any problems?

Or can I ask to refund the paypal amount and bring cash??

fluffyanimal Mon 25-Jul-11 09:29:25

I don't see how cash gets you any more security. Ask them to sign something as proof of collection.

HairyJo Mon 25-Jul-11 09:35:21

I prefer cash because I have no proof of postage when someone collects and item so technically the could claim they never received it and paypal would refund them and will be without money or item

fergoose Mon 25-Jul-11 10:30:21

I agree with HairyJo. If I were you I would refund their paypal payment and ask for cash on collection

Asking them to sign something is worthless in the face of a not received claim, and if they were dishonest they could have your item and a full refund.

sixlostmonkeys Mon 25-Jul-11 10:31:39

signing things provides no proof so you are right.... they could claim non receipt and get a refund (and keep the item)

I'd ask them if they could possibly pay cash on collection and refund their paypal payment

HairyJo Mon 25-Jul-11 10:44:41

Thanks I will send them a message asking if they could pay cash.

Theas18 Tue 26-Jul-11 17:07:27

Never never accept paypal on collection only items unless it comes into the "this amount is so small I don't care" category.
classic scammers technique I'm afraid.

HairyJo Tue 26-Jul-11 21:25:07

She wants to keep it as a paypal payment. I have said ok but tbh I'm not sure now. Is there anything I can do without ending up with a neg feedback and being reported to ebay for breaking their dumb payment rules?

IDontDoIroning Tue 26-Jul-11 21:31:48

Dont do it, especially of its an expensive item. It can be a scam. How much is the sale? What happens is that they pay via paypal, collect and then do "an item not received" claim, you dont have a trackable proof of postage, paypal refund and you are left with no item and no money. Paypal dont care and you lose out.
Im sure there was a thread a while ago about someone who sold a laptop or tv or something and did the same and was totally ripped off.
Whats worse a neg or losing your money AND your item.?

MovingAndScared Tue 26-Jul-11 21:35:39

you will have to tell her that you will need to post it -if it at all expensive - you need the tracking - there was something on the radio the other day about someone who got done this way - lost 700 pounds - and the person from paypal said either get cash on collection or post

HairyJo Tue 26-Jul-11 21:37:10

well it's £25 so not a fortune but still don't want to be ripped off. Can I get a strike from ebay for it?

IDontDoIroning Tue 26-Jul-11 21:48:19

Is your feedback worth £25?
What's the worst that can happen.... they put in a non performing seller strike on you and you get a neg.
I think its a con artists dream but ebay / paypal dont care and small scale sellers get ripped off. Thankfully its never happened to me but I always post recorded, even though its hideously expensive these days.

IDontDoIroning Tue 26-Jul-11 21:50:34

tell her if she wants to pay via paypal she has to pay for a courier or other trackable postage fees - she cant argue on this as its in ebay's terms and conditions that paypal sales have to be via a trackable method. This might give you an out on a possible strike too.

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