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Paypal problem

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Familyguyfan Fri 22-Jul-11 19:03:58

Hi all
My hubbie sells a lot of collectables (toys!) on eBay and occasionally we have small problems but rarely anything serious. Anyway, a while ago we sold three small items, buyer paid, we sent, and then the payment was put on hold by the bank. Cue an awful lot of phonecalls to paypal who were useless. Anyway, the buyer said they'd repay the amount after the bank revoked their payment but they didn't and the time for appealing expired. We were irritated as we had no payment and had lost three items, but these things happen and it wasn't worth getting upset over.

However, the same thing has happened with another buyer and this time it is for far more money. Paypal say the bank have revoked the payment, probably as the person has exceeded their overdraft limit, but they offered us no resolution. We had to scan the postage receipt and keep our fingers crossed basically.

If we were a big businessand someone bought an item and took it away, the bank couldn't then revoke the payment but apparently they can in this instance. Can anyone offer any advice for resolving this?

Thanks all

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