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Ebay/Paypal Account verification - how long?

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silverswan Wed 20-Jul-11 22:03:46

Hi, I am an infrequent ebayer - have sold much less than bought but have just compiled some stuff to try and get rid of. Started listing last weekend but after the 2nd item had gone on, a message came up saying I needed to verify my account and wouldn't let me continue listing.

I logged into PayPal (which have used for years but linked to credit card rather than current account) and clicked on verify, entered my bank details and apparently now I have to wait 2-3 days until they pay 2 small sums into my bank account to complete the process? Is now the end of 3rd working day and still no sign.

Anybody with any experience of this - how long does it usually take? Tell me is not a scam and I've just given somebody else my bank details?? All looked convincing, and nothing untoward gone out of my account (yet).


fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 22:18:20

the money should be in your account in a couple of days, if you have online banking just check that for the amounts then enter them into paypal

it is not a scam, but if you get any emails asking you to click a link then log in with your details ignore - you should always go to and log in from there rather than clicking on links.

silverswan Wed 20-Jul-11 22:39:59

Thanks very much, fergoose. I will just have to wait. Am pretty sure I logged in separately as aware of the link risk. Annoying that process takes so long, has taken me months to work up the enthusiasm to get everything photographed, just want rid now!

80sbabe Wed 20-Jul-11 22:49:58

It's usually very quick and they pay into your account not debit it. Normally only a few pence though.
I seem to recall mine only took a day or two. It's just so they can confirm you are who you say you are and the account is yours..

As Fergoose says never ever click on links - you can access anything that is above board by their official site.

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