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Overseas bidder won item that ships to UK only

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LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 20:57:31

what would you suggest I do?

Only some washable avent breast pads but the item clearly said ships to uk. The winning bidder is from Denmark. Winner Not paid yet only finished tonight

What would you suggest?

Also going forward should I try to block bidders from other countries? And how do I do this?

DavidDickinsonsTan Wed 20-Jul-11 21:00:12

you can email him and tell him that you only ship to uk. Then offer to the second highest bidder. His loss as he should read the criteria before bidding.

LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 21:07:54

Thank for replying

But why if the second highest bidder refuses? Do I lose the fees? The item is only £3.20 plus postage!

Thinking about it I've got no option anyway have I? Apart from opening a case?

LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 21:18:44

argh for goodness sake now my other item has just finished and the winner has 0% feedback-I clearly stated in the description bidders with feedback of 10 or fewer should contact me before bidding (been stung recently!) what should I do about this?

wait for payment and if it goes smoothly just be happy or do the same again contact say no deal and do a second chance offer? I know this bidder won in the last few seconds as the item went from £10.50 to £11 in the last few seconds

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 21:19:37

go to royal mail price finder and calculate the postage and then you can send the buyer an invoice for the correct amount.

If they don't pay you can then open a case and after it is closed offer to underbidder - do not offer before otherwise you could end up with 2 buyers

also change your settings to block overseas bidders in future

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 21:21:00

sorry for double post but 0% feedback does not always mean a problem buyer, just treat as normal, if they don't pay open an unpaid item case and relist.

I don't think any buyers email if they have 0% feedback, despite what a sellers listing says.

Mutt Wed 20-Jul-11 21:34:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 21:35:43

Hi Fergoose, many thanks for reply

OK I've now changed my settings.

But ooops just sent email to winner in Denmark saying I'm not prepared to send to Denmark and I am going to relist... argh not sure what to do now... I hear what you are saying about relisting the item though, in fact I came on to ask a question about that: If I do not go through with transaction to buyer in Denmark and then do a second chance offer, do I get charged twice for final credit fee (or whatever it is called)

and you're right I'm probably being mean about the 0% feedback, I guess it's just because I've been stung recently by a buyer with 0% (just takes up so much time dealing with it!)

I'm going to see whether the 0% winner pays but what would you do with the overseas bidder (knowing that I have now just sent an email! oops)

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 21:40:38

well wait and sea what overseas bidder says, you could always send an invoice with correct postage and give them the choice whether they want to pay. But you have to give them a chance to pay before you can open an unpaid item case, this gets your final value fees back. If you sell on a second chance offer you pay final fees on that sale, but you have to go through the unpaid item process correctly otherwise you will have 2 lots of fees.

here you are - read here

LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 21:51:07

argh you wouldn't believe it, the 0% bidder has paid for the item but lives in CORK!!!

thanks for your help

don't really know what to do now. May contact them and say if they pay the additional postage I will send

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 21:58:44

ok - so refund their payment via paypal, and send an invoice with the correct postage amount.

NarcissaMalfoy Wed 20-Jul-11 22:00:26

I've never had any problems sending to overseas buyers.
Make sure you get your postage right though.

LaTook Wed 20-Jul-11 22:06:27

Yes perhaps they will be fine, I think it's me that's the problem! I am new to this and haven't really got the hang of working postage out etc

Another little problem is that it's a nursing pillow so too heavy to weigh on food scales and too light to weigh on body scales so hard to calculate correct postage until I go to post office tomorrow (which will now mean two trips!)

But thanks again Fergoose, I am going to do that (but contact them first telling them I will do this)

Mutt Wed 20-Jul-11 22:17:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 18:44:47

Hi mutt thanks for your reply, very good advice. Unfortunately for me the bidder for the nursing pillow paid straight away (perhaps they knew what they were doing?) but given what you jace said I will just send an additional invoice as opposed to refunding and see what they do

No reply from that bidder though, and the bidder from Denmark hasn't paid hmm

fergoose Thu 21-Jul-11 19:39:12

no don't send an additional invoice - you need to refund their original payment from within paypal and then send an invoice for the correct amount. You will pay 2 lots of fees if they pay another invoice, and then 2 invoices for 1 item just makes it all messy, and they could start non received claims, etc.

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 19:47:00

Ohhhhh thanks so much fergoose lucky I saw this message before I done anything!

Really appreciate all your help. I do try to search for myself but honestly struggle to find the answers to my specific questions. Posted a message on the forum last nIght and they were really sarcastic hmm

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 19:51:33

Oh yes mutt meant to also answer a point you made in your previous post: I have only just noticed you that you can't leave neg feedback for a buyer-I left feedback for the person that stung me recently saying NON-PAYER DO NOT TRUST ETC and it left the feedback but with a positive score (a non-payment case was opened) So what are you supposed to with non payers? Just leave no feedback????

fergoose Thu 21-Jul-11 19:58:03

no you can't leave a neg for a buyer, and you can't leave a negative statement on a positive rating like that, ebay will remove it.

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 20:57:49

Clumsy that's CRAZY! but you guys must already know that I guess...

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 20:58:44

Blimey that's CRAZY! but you guys must already know that I guess...

fergoose Thu 21-Jul-11 21:24:05

the idea was it stopped sellers leaving retaliatory feedback, and buyers could leave honest feedback for sellers

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 21:35:50

yes I see, that bit makes sense BUT how are non-payers etc properly dealt with? <sorry I do realise you don't run eBay lol>

I have just refunded the Irish bidder and have said that they should let me know whether I should cancel the transaction or whether she is happy for me to issue a new invoice

the danish bidder has marked the item as payment sent which is definitely not the case as I've received no paypal notification. can i not just cancel this transaction she's becoming a right ballache!

fergoose Thu 21-Jul-11 22:10:08

well if the Danish one doesn't pay, open a non paying bidder dispute on day 4.

As for the Irish one, just issue the invoice now

Non payers, you open case day 4, then if no payment you manually close the dispute and get your fees back

they get a strike and cannot leave feeback, and you can then relist or do a second chance offer

here you go

LaTook Thu 21-Jul-11 23:02:45

Ahhhhh thank you so much fergoose!!!

Will do the invoice now

But if the Irish bidder doesn't pay so I issue a nOn paying thingy or a cancel sale thingy

So what do you get up to on eBay? Business or personal? Just ignore if I'm being too nosey grin

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