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Refund request

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cardoon Wed 20-Jul-11 17:06:28

A buyer of mine has sent "item not as described" email........can't believe this.....but that's another matter. I have to refund her and obviously she wants return postage. When I go to refund on paypal it won't allow me to add a greater amount than she paid me. How is this done oh wise ones?

<<<<soooo pissed off>>>>

horsemadgal Wed 20-Jul-11 17:12:50

She has to return it to you before you refund. And she has to pay the return postage.

cardoon Wed 20-Jul-11 17:33:52

Gosh! she's being so horrid I wouldn't dare NOT pay her return postage costs! shock

It's like road rage with some people!!!

lawnimp Wed 20-Jul-11 17:36:08

you could click the 'send money' link on paypal then just put in the amount you want to send them

we've had a similar buyer recently, normally we would wait until article turned up before refunding but you sort of get a feeling with some buyers that they will be trouble if you don't..

now we have the article back he sent us a message asking us to leave feedback and he won't mention that he was disappointed in the item! (which was pristine anyway)

some people are fruit loops

ilove Wed 20-Jul-11 17:42:20

Don't refund her before you receive the item back otherwise it will mysteriously never arrive back to you...

sixlostmonkeys Wed 20-Jul-11 17:51:40

no, don't refund until she has sent it back. tell her you will refund upon receipt and also refund her return cost, again upon receipt.

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 17:53:00

Don't panic, I agree with all of the above - only after you have received the item refund her via paypal. You can only refund the amount she paid via the original transaction - this is the only way you should refund her, don't refund her as a payment

as for the return postage, that will have to be a separate payment - is up to you, don't be bullied and blackmailed, after all you could do everything she wants and still get negative feedback. And if she threatens neg then you can report her for feedback extortion too.

anyway either way don't refund a penny until you have the item

cardoon Wed 20-Jul-11 19:01:12

Thank you all - you have restored my faith in human nature grin

I do so hate the way some people spill their venom under the cloak of anonymity, so awful. why not wait to see how the seller reacts to your made up complaint?

Will refund and send postal order to cover return postage when item received.

flabbyapronbelly Wed 20-Jul-11 21:54:22

I am glad I am not the only one this is happening too! Had a really horrible buyer this week wh0 was vile complaining I had sent a dirty item which I had checked and cleaned before sending! Am waiting for her to send back the item then will refund. What do you guys put as feedback in such a case (sorry for hijack!)

cardoon Wed 20-Jul-11 22:02:48

I think there are a lot of idiots about on ebay - I wait to see what feedback they leave first and then respond with something terribly rational and reasonable making them look even more unhinged wink

lawnimp Wed 20-Jul-11 22:04:13

avoid feedback altogether, if' i'd send a neg i ignore instead now

fergoose Wed 20-Jul-11 22:16:04

you can't leave buyers negative feedback, and you can't leave a negative comment on a positive rating. I think the best thing is not to leave them any feedback.

And if they leave you a neg, respond in a polite businesslike fashion.

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