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Won an item, collection and cash agreed, but now changed mind

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kellestar Mon 18-Jul-11 13:16:11

Basically won an item on eBay, after confirming before the end of the auction that I can collect and pay cash as she lives less than a mile away.

Auction ended spent a week chasing to know when I can collect, no response. Unpaid Item strike raised against me and ends tomorrow. Invoice says postage costs are now £4.50 2nd class, where was listed as £2.50 for second class. I have e-mailed this person daily to say this is ridiculous, why can't I collect as agreed, had no response.

Should I just pay and get it over with. Can I leave negative feedback if I have had an unpaid item strike raised but not applied.

Item was won for 99p, I think she expected to get more for it and has hiked up the postage costs.

It's a pair of 0-3 month jeans for my DD, how she can deem that much postage necessary 2nd class!, recorded 1st maybe. Can't believe this woman hasn't had the decent courtesy to just send me an e-mail saying sorry xxx has happened please can I post.

I have 1500 positive feedback since 2001 never ever had this problem before now. Grrrr.

fergoose Mon 18-Jul-11 13:38:42

she can't change the postage costs after the auction has ended - report seller to ebay.

make sure you respond the the non paying case then you can leave feedback

fergoose Mon 18-Jul-11 13:52:08

just a thought - can you pay the 99p via paypal - then you have paid and you won't get a strike. Then claw it back if she refuses collection?

80sbabe Mon 18-Jul-11 16:19:42

The best way is probably to pay then claim it back if the item is not received or you can't collect it.
Did you send your messages about collection via Ebay? If so you have your proof that you were attempting to pay and resolve the transaction.

I had something similar not too long ago - the seller kept returning my paypal payment (even though it was for the agreed amount) and refused to acknowledge my messages. He opened a non-payer case and I paid again and he refunded - it was a joke.
Eventually it transpired he didn't have the item in stock - he'd listed hoping to get some and in the meantime I had bought it, so he was playing for time. Had I known I would have happily cancelled the transaction and gone elsewhere.

kellestar Mon 18-Jul-11 19:01:47

I've paid as I am not going to risk forgetting tomorrow, I didn't think I could pay for just the 99p without the postage costs.

All correspondance was made via eBay. I will make a complaint after the transaction has been completed.

I hate it when people are like this, it's just rude. The least she could do is reply to me.

fergoose Mon 18-Jul-11 19:34:12

you paid £4.50 postage?! i would have refused to pay as she has changed the terms after the auction has ended which is not allowed.

FabbyChic Mon 18-Jul-11 19:55:25

Pay for it or you will get a non payment strike, pay for it and then file a non receipt dispute via PayPal you cannot escalate for seven days to the hour and minute from when the auction ended.

If it arrives do not sign for it, if it arrives send it back return to sender.

Leave negative feedback as soon as you pay stating, agreed collection, item went for too little so changed terms of sale.

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