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vote on what feedback i should give...

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lucykate Thu 14-Jul-11 15:06:12

here's the background - i won an orla kiely dress on the 25th june, heard nothing or received anything from the seller until i had an email on the 2nd july saying it would be posted early the following week as she's just given birth, fair enough. the week went by, and nothing arrived so i emailed her on the thursday (7th july), no response, so i emailed again on monday (11th), she responded the next day to say it would be in the post by wednesday, with me thursday. it's finally arrived this morning, i really like the dress, but i was posted in an asda carrier bag with a scrap of paper sellotaped to the front with my address written on, even the postman kind of did a double take when he handed it over.

so, what feedback to i give?, it took nearly 3 weeks for the item to arrive in a plastic bag, but do i bear in mind she's just had a baby and go easy (although i only have her word for it, but the flip side is the baby could be ill, she could be ill etc). don't want to be mean but a flippin asda carrier bag fgs!

fergoose Thu 14-Jul-11 15:46:51

negative and 1 on the stars

I am sorry but I am fed up with making excuses, why list if you have just had a baby and can't post items?

I have heard so many sob stories over the years - is getting boring!

Sarsaparilllla Thu 14-Jul-11 15:55:00

shrugs I'd just leave no feedback and forget about it, you got the dress, it wasn't needed for a particular date, although I'd have been annoyed if it had been and didn't arrive in time

aswellasyou Thu 14-Jul-11 16:21:03

I think I'd leave neutral feedback with 1 star for everything except item description. Was she very apologetic? If she was I might be nicer for postage time, if she was rude I might leave negative.

estya Thu 14-Jul-11 16:37:03

Presuming the baby didn't come really early, she shouldn't have listed the dress if she thought it would be a hassle to sort out. Of all the things that hit us out of the blue in life, having a baby isn't one of them.

She is using her baby hoping that it'll make you go all goey and forgive her.

What she really means is 'I wasn't organised enough to get this listed earlier and now I have too much going on and the ebay stuff has to be dropped.'

bumpybecky Thu 14-Jul-11 16:47:06

was it a thin carrier or a bag for life type carrier?

I've used bags for life before, they are strong and cheap (and I only charge the postage amount, nothing for packaging).

lucykate Thu 14-Jul-11 17:26:00

it was a thin see thru carrier bag

bumpybecky Thu 14-Jul-11 17:44:20

Assuming the dress arrived in good condition and was as described, I'd give a neutral and say something like 'despite the poor packing, item arrived in good condition'

fergoose Thu 14-Jul-11 17:46:31

what feedback do you want to leave?

What is the rest of her feedback and stars like - you don't need to leave feedback today. I think I may be a bit harsh saying a neg, but if it has annoyed you and your overall opinion of the transaction is negative then leave a negative - it is your right as a buyer to do that.

lucykate Thu 14-Jul-11 17:54:45

i don't think i'd go as far a neg, i'm thinking neutral or even positive but mention the crap packaging. rest of her feedback is 100%.

fergoose Thu 14-Jul-11 18:07:00

well go neutral, mention rubbish packaging and mark all the stars low then?

DitaVonCheese Thu 14-Jul-11 20:26:57

Was the packaging fit for purpose - ie was the dress actually damaged because the packaging was too thin - or do you just not like it? It doesn't give a great first impression but a plastic bag is a plastic bag imo, what does it matter as long as it does the job?

I might give neutral on the delay in posting though (despite the fact I'm listing stuff tonight even though I'm 39.5 weeks pg wink).

Lilyloo Thu 14-Jul-11 20:31:11

I would just put 'item as described 3 week postage delay poor packaging' and do neutral

DragonAlley Thu 14-Jul-11 20:33:58

I would give her the benefit of the doubt and leave no feedback.

LoopyLoopsBettyBoops Thu 14-Jul-11 20:34:54

Neutral - for the time it took, but Asda bag is fine as long as it does the job.

SootySweepandSue Thu 14-Jul-11 20:44:39

I would leave no feedback.

It's horrendous trying to get to the post office with a baby when you can't get off the sofa to make a tea your fanny is so sore! She is not thinking normally especially if it her first baby. If you are happy with the dress just be pleased with that.

eBays have brought in a lot of new standards recently which you will not score well on IMO unless you are a professional business. I think this is taking away a lot of the 'charm'.

LawrieMarlow Thu 14-Jul-11 20:47:48

Are you happy with the dress itself?

Geordieminx Thu 14-Jul-11 20:52:56

What lilyloo said

cheesesarnie Thu 14-Jul-11 20:54:27

id leave nothing.
if you liked dress(?),packaging didnt harm it(?),time was a bummer it worth the stress?

Tryharder Thu 14-Jul-11 23:09:20

I wouldn't leave negative for this. Yes, the packaging was crap - would you have been happier if it were a Waitrose carrier?? - and the time delay was crap but if the dress itself was what you wanted and as described then I don't think there is a major problem. I personally don't like ruining someone's otherwise positive feedback and wouldn't do so unless the buyer was fraudulent or rude.

I would leave positive but mark down on the packaging and communication; something like "loved the dress but delivery slow with poor packaging" Of if you cannot bear to leave positive, leave nothing at all.

moonferret Thu 14-Jul-11 23:13:31

Personally I'd check the existing feedback. If it's flawless and fairly large (50+) I'd not give any feedback. If it's already tainted I'd give a neutral with poor DSRs. I reserve my negs for the complete losers who take your money and send nothing, don't reply to your messages and you have to claim money back from PayPal. I've given 3 negs in about 280 transactions.

ragged Thu 14-Jul-11 23:15:05

Did it arrive in good condition?
I'd only neg if it arrived in bad condition (or never came at all).
Can mark her down on the stars as you see fit.

80sbabe Thu 14-Jul-11 23:51:28

I agree with Fergoose - this transaction has clearly annoyed you, the delay seems very unreasonable. As a buyer you should not have to chase a seller up at all for delivery, let alone twice.

It's amazing how many people on Ebay list items then have babies, medical treatment, holidays, prison sentences etc.... wink
After a while you do get a bit cynical.

The whole experience does not seem to have been a positive one for you, therefore you can either leave a neutral, a negative or no feedback.
Feedback is supposed to be an honest appraisal of how you found your transaction and experience with this seller.

The seller cannot leave retaliatory feedback for you and if it wasn't a good transaction then you really should tell others why that was so. It may have been a one off, if so then previous and subsequent good feedback will endorse this for the seller.

BTW - I am a regular seller on Ebay, I did have a prem baby 2 months early and I still managed to get all items bought from me during that time out with only a one day delay. My DH and friends packed them and went to the post office on my behalf, so it can be done.

Three weeks is certainly very unreasonable.

Also do follow the advice about leaving 1 star rather than 0 and hopefully the seller will think twice before behaving like this again.

aswellasyou Fri 15-Jul-11 10:55:09

I'm surprised quite a few people here would be happy for items to be packaged in a see through plastic bag. Personally, I wouldn't mind a plastic bag, but any see through packaging isn't appropriate.

I'm starting to fear for my life with the number of eBay sellers and buyers who find themselves in hospital.wink

fergoose Fri 15-Jul-11 11:06:52

I agree - no wonder the NHS is on its last legs.

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