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Fecking buyers!

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Canella Sat 02-Jul-11 22:08:28

Huge market on ebay where we live (in germany) for 2nd hand kitchens. We put ours on for it to finish last tues - it is an old kitchen - poss 15 years - but in good condition - every door/ drawer opens and shuts as it should. And included were integrated hob, oven and dishwasher (which are newer than the kitchen - maybe 5 yrs old) and the original built in fridge. We put on 9 clear photos - it clearly looks like an old fashioned kitchen but we thought it was worth a try. Minimum bid was 250€. the bids went crazy on the last day and it finished at 1547€.
The winners emailed yest to ask if they could come to pick it up today (as part of it they have to dismantle it themselves) - they turned up - said it was too old amd refused to take it or pay.
So fecked off as you can imagine. We stated we didnt know how old it was and you can see it in the photos. Wasnt our fault the bids went so high.
Want to know what we should do - if dh contacts ebay will they be able to leave feedback about us? Can we just message the second highest bidder? Its all too complicated!

fergoose Sat 02-Jul-11 22:41:47

just do a second chance offer to the underbidder?

you can report the original buyer as a non paying bidder, and if they don't reply or pay they then can't leave feedback.

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