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How did an overseas buyer choose how much to pay for postage?

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aswellasyou Wed 29-Jun-11 10:07:11

A buyer in Hungary bought two of my items that ended on Saturday. He paid for one of them on Sunday and changed the P&P to £3.80 from £1.50. I do state in my listings to contact me about overseas postage and that I only send by International Signed For. I don't understand how he changed the postage costs himself.confused He then marked the second item as payment sent on Monday after I sent him an invoice including the extra postage for the two items. I'm pretty sure I know how this is going to go and I'm going to have to open cases against him. But how will i open an unpaid item case when he has actually paid, just not enough?

fergoose Wed 29-Jun-11 10:13:45

refund his payment and send him an invoice for the correct amount

you need to change the settings so buyers can't change your invoices

'allow buyers to edit payment totals'

make sure it says no

aswellasyou Wed 29-Jun-11 10:52:53

Thankyou fergoose! Is it possible for me to send one invoice for both items without him requesting it?

fergoose Wed 29-Jun-11 10:57:03

yes, you can combine all his items onto one invoice.

You would then need to send them all together in one parcel. I guess buyer was hoping to get the items posted a lot cheaper, I suppose signed for could be fairly pricey.

aswellasyou Wed 29-Jun-11 11:15:36

Thankyou. I'll have to have a look at how to do this. I haven't worked it out so far. I guess he is hoping to get cheaper postage but I have written in my listing that it's fairly expensive so that overseas buyers aren't shocked when they get discover the cost.
I think I'm going to block international buyers. I've had so many issues with them all. I didn't want to have to do it but I'm fed up of relisting these items.

MovingtoSolihull Wed 29-Jun-11 11:21:27

Just changed my settings ... thanks for the tip !

It just doesnt seem right that a buyer can change the postage does it ?

fergoose Wed 29-Jun-11 11:28:13

no, most sellers have it set up so buyers can't change it, as unfortunately some can try and pull a fast one like your buyer.

i must admit I don't sell abroad as it seems such a hassle, and postage can cost an absolute fortune.

MovingtoSolihull Wed 29-Jun-11 11:32:18

I've stopped selling abroad too.

Too many problems with delays getting into the states, signed for postage is too expensive and to top it all paypal take an ever bigger cut of your takings.

aswellasyou Wed 29-Jun-11 11:37:13

I didn't really want to refuse overseas buyers. I'd like to have as many people able to bid on my items as possible! But I don't think the hassle is worth it.

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