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Problems communicating with seller

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moominmarvellous Mon 27-Jun-11 15:22:26

Hi, I ordered some concert tickets at the end of last year which cost £200. Seller has excellent history, excellent feedback, I researched them before going ahead and felt confident with the purchase.

However the tickets haven't arrived yet, I have friends who's tickets have arrived last week and the concert is this coming Saturday.

I contacted the seller and they responded straight away but there were SO many spelling mistakes that I have emailed them again asking them to clarify the message as I couldn't quite understand it and they haven't responded to that one at all (I wasn't rude at all, just asked for clarification) and that was 3 days ago.

Time is running out and I am beginning to think/accept that I might not recieve these tickets, but it's over 90 days since purchase so I don't know where I will stand if I don't get the tickets....can anyone help

So annoying.

fergoose Mon 27-Jun-11 15:25:36

you are too late for a paypal or ebay claim. If the seller is unco-operative there is little you can do now.

All you can do is either a refund via a chargeback via credit card (if that is how you paid), or contact your bank to see if they can claw back the money

Otherwise small claims court

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