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Ebayer not in when courier tries to deliver

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nannyl Wed 22-Jun-11 16:05:17

I sold something on ebay on Sunday evening.

Buyer paid and i dispatched it by courier on monday morning, and told buyer that i have dispatched it.
Courier tried to deliver it on Tuesday but no one in, so they put a card through the door, and tried again today.
(city link, its what they do)

Buyer not in today.
So now ebayer has to collect it from their local depot, or it will be sent back to me.

I have emailed them to say this (and given tracking number etc)

Ok ebayer hasnt responded yet.... but im guessing he / she wont be happy.
I think if courier bring it back to me they charge me again. angry

just wondering what my next plan should be. I hope she just collects it from her local city link depot.
(would you?)

if she doesnt im guessing i cant MAKE her pay the fee city link will charge me, for bringing it back to me can i?

any ideas?

fergoose Wed 22-Jun-11 17:51:51

I don't think they charge to return it to you do they?

If you need to dispatch it again you can ask the buyer to pay an extra delivery charge.

I'm sure they will arrange collection though - they have 7 days to collect don't they?

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