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Question about selling on Amazon not Ebay

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lljkk Mon 20-Jun-11 10:20:16

Thinking there must be some cross-over in this topic, people selling on both?

Do you occasionally sell books on Amazon, and can you help me understand the fee structure?
It looks like on this page that sellers pay fees of
17.25% of the sale price, + 86p per item sold, + 49p delivery charge.

If I sold a book for 2.82, I'd get a further 2.80 from seller for the delivery charge. True out of pocket cost to me more like 1.50.
As Amazon fees I'd pay (49+86+49)=184p. So a net profit of (2.82+2.80) - (1.50 + 1.84) = 2.28 to me.

Is it worth all the effort for just occasional selling? I tend to think not, no?

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Mon 20-Jun-11 21:02:49

I don't know but bumping for you.

80sbabe Mon 20-Jun-11 23:29:56

I sell on both but Ebay is much more successful for me - more traffic and more frequent sales.
The products I sell on Amazon when they sell (not books) do make a slightly bigger profit for me but I do not like not being able to set my own shipping costs unless I join their "advanced" seller scheme.
I did try it but found sales were no better and I had to pay a fee of £50 per month for the privilege. So I downgraded back again to ordinary seller.
Also if the item you want to sell is not listed in their catalogue it is a huge faff to list it yourself and half the time the software doesn't work. It is very restrictive.

The advantage is that because they set the p&p I don't get rated on that but personally I wouldn't pay the costs as often they as much again as the item. What I sell on Ebay or independently for £5.00 would cost £9.50 on Amazon.

When I sell off Amazon I pop a little flyer in advertising my own website where I sell the same items but like on Ebay I do free UK P&P - I get a lot of repeat business via that. A bit naughty I know but Amazon can be a bit steep for buyers and sellers. It works for me nicely and as the buyers have dealt with me already they know I am reliable.

It's good if you use it as I do to grow other ventures but for small individuals I really can't see how you benefit from it in most cases. As you have discovered the margins are tiny.

There are some folk who will not buy off Ebay at all so will opt for Amazon or an independent website even if they pay more. Personally I wouldn't but Amazon does seem to be a more trusted market name for some.

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