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Anyone else finding selling kids clothes really quiet right now? Any advice?

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angel387 Mon 20-Jun-11 08:26:13

I put bundles of kids clothes onto ebay and they ended yesterday, it was mainly baby clothes. Most didn't sell and they were starting at 99p. Is anyone else finding that childrens clothes just don't sell right now? Any advice? It was all Next stuff and looks new??? I'm thinking of just taking it all to the charity shop.

mnistooaddictive Mon 20-Jun-11 08:33:44

I don't know if it the time of year. I have already bought my dc all their summer clothes and will only buy more if they grow excessively or have far too many accidents with paint or rip them. Baby clotures sell all year as they change size do much but from 12 months it is quite seasonal I think.

mnistooaddictive Mon 20-Jun-11 08:36:55

Just noticed you said baby clothes. Maybe the weather is the reason- peole bought summer clothes when it was hot in may, and don't want to buy more now as the weather is so changeable? What type of clothes were you selling? Was it basics such as vests and babygrows or more seasonal?

angel387 Mon 20-Jun-11 08:52:19

It was a complete mix of stuff. One bundle of boys 3-6 went for over £10 but everything else had no interest at all. I will remember the seasonal thing in future but as we are moving I'm having a clear out now. What months would you say are best to sell or just go with when the weather starts to change?

AgonyBeetle Mon 20-Jun-11 08:58:29

Baby clothes often don't sell that well cos there's so much of it about. Everybody ends up with far more baby clothes than really get worn, so there's a lot of v. good quality second-hand stuff available. Unless it's something really special, there's too much competition to get good prices.

Older kids' stuff can sell well depending on the brand (Mini Boden being the obvious one that goes for stupid amounts) but is still seasonal. I would expect now to be quiet for listing, but would be a good time to get a bargain on things you were looking to buy. For selling, I start listing winter clothes after the schools go back in September, school uniform stuff a bit earlier, proper winter coats etc a bit later (end sept/beginning oct). Conversely summer stuff from March onwards.

If you need to have a clearout now, then I'd probably skip the ebay faff and car boot it or make up a huge bundle and put it on gumtree.

angel387 Mon 20-Jun-11 09:33:44

I've never heard of gumtree. I've just had a look and definitely looks like might be worth trying. I just felt like I was giving stuff away on ebay after the fees were taken off. Thank you for your advice.

AgonyBeetle Mon 20-Jun-11 09:50:15

The nice thing about gumtree is it's free to list, and people come to pick the stuff up from you and give you actual money rather than virtual paypal cash. No muss, no fuss, no arsey feedback or mysterious disappearing parcels, or paypal chargebacks.


angel387 Mon 20-Jun-11 10:36:35

Sounds good. Thanks. smile

aswellasyou Mon 20-Jun-11 11:43:12

Another place to sell is on here or Netmums. The Netmums for sale sections seem to get more traffic and they're local boards so people collect and give you cash too.

Funtimewincies Mon 20-Jun-11 17:46:20

I'm having a similar problem but it's only since the Royal Mail put up their prices sad. Even when listed for 25p a bundle, the postage would be nearly £2 so not much of a bargain as it used to be. And as someone else said, once Paypal have taken their cut...

Vic1982 Thu 23-Jun-11 19:59:06

I have things for sale at present on ebay, not just baby clothes, and am finding that nothing is selling. It has been like this for a while. Nobody seems interested in it anymore.
I have noticed that Ebay keep having free listing weekends every other week but it still does not seem to be helping.

Recently I have done a carboot sale and baby clothes was our best seller. Also, if u r on facebook see if there is a buy sell swap group local to u and put a post on there. smile

higgle Fri 24-Jun-11 16:34:35

Ebay sends to be very slow in the summer all round.

WinterSnow Sat 25-Jun-11 14:31:47

My stuff isn't selling either sad .. I've got brand new/used designer & high street womens dresses and second hand kids clothes. Last year I sold a lot more than this year - maybe the market is saturated, why do you think it is???

Salam Sun 26-Jun-11 05:56:28

I am not bothered about selling clothes anymore, I just give them to charity unless it is really branded stuff such as Vertbaudet.

To be honest, I am not buying any clothes on ebay at the moment. I am one of those people who got all the summer clothes in April and have barely used any due to the rubbish weather so no point getting any more.

moomoo1967 Fri 01-Jul-11 13:15:47

Fingers crossed and I am hoping that I am not tempting fate by saying this. I have sold 109 items on Ebay since 21st May, mostly my daughters clothes. Not sure how or why ! I am amazed as I didn't expect them to go. They are for an older child though. I have yet to wash and photo all my DD's baby clothes. So I may find that they don't sell

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