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Charity listing help, please

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purplepidjin Sun 12-Jun-11 07:13:22

Hi, I need a volunteer please! I've been putting together the blankets for EdgarAleNPie, Rindercella and BlondesHaveMoreFun. I've got an enormous amount of squares leftover- enough for another blanket in fact! Which is why I'm here...

We'd (the arts n crafty lot involved) like to auction the leftover blanket for charity - once it's finished and we've attempted to get MN to decide which charity! How? Ideally I need someone to just do it, I'm not an ebay expert and I've got a lot on at the moment (most of it woolly grin)


purplepidjin Sun 12-Jun-11 14:17:51

Bump to get up in active conversations - 7am on a sunday isn't really the best time for that grin

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