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Am I in a bad mood or does this seller need to learn how to send messages?

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LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sat 11-Jun-11 08:05:13

Won an item on 31/5/11, to be honest thought I hadn't won it. Have been bidding on lots of maternity clothes. Anyway get up this morning and have a non payer bidder mail so pay straight away. I also have also sent them a message saying a message a couple of days later would have resulted in them being paid straight away and there was no need to wait so long and then report me.

Yes I am exhausted, yes I am 6 months pg, yes I have good feedback, so aibu?

Vix1980 Sat 11-Jun-11 08:10:14

Didnt they send you an invoice after you had won it, i always send invoices to buyers to let them know they have won, in fact im sure ebay does this automatically.

They generally go to your email address that is associated with ebay, and i always find people say oh but i didnt check that email address, which is why they havent seen it. It should also of been in your won items so if you paid for everything else this should of come up too.

If they didnt send you anything and youve bidded on lots id just put it down to experience and just check your won items regularly to see if there is anything you didnt realise you had won so you can pay. Now you have paid this would of been closed anyway so dont worry about it x

Bucharest Sat 11-Jun-11 08:12:27

Well, yes and no!

The seller should have sent you an invoice, but there would have been a notification in your email from ebay itself, and if you're bidding on other stuff you should have noticed the "you need to pay for 1 item" thingummy.

I always send an email before a non-payment thing though, so they were being unreasonable. I'd not leave any f/b (like I'm not going to for the pair of £30 superga shoes that ("BNWT") that had 1 inch of black dust all over the box and then had to go straight in the wash because they had a green stain on them)

bluebobbin Sat 11-Jun-11 08:17:01


I state on all my listings that if someone has not paid after 4 days, an unpaid item will be started.

The unpaid item process is not a strike against you, it is a reminder from eBay. You have not been reported - they have just used the eBay process to remind you to pay.

As a seller, it is very very annoying when people don't pay pretty sharpish. For example, I might sell 4 items at a time and 3 of the people pay and so instead of taking all the items for posting, I have to wait for someone and then make a separate trip. A seller cannot see you are exhausted etc.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sat 11-Jun-11 08:47:14

And I do know all that. I sell loads of stuff on there, more than I buy. Just don't understand not sending a reminder after a few day rather than being annoyed and waiting for so long.

Just didn't notice it as I said had bid on loads, it was the last one to finsh plus had my own items finishing. So had loads of emails andctend to use the iPhone app as laptop playing up. Might check with dh, as I said I thought I hadn't won them but he has the same account open on his iPhone and does increase my bids if he thinks I should have it (must admit to being a bargin hunter when buying).

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