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Bit of advice needed please

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allthefires Mon 06-Jun-11 19:15:56

Am determined not to be stung on ebay so have set myself rigid rules but I just want to check thats Im not being too strict or of I need to do anymore

Anything over a tenner I am sending recorded. Is this sufficient?

Have set my buyer requirements to

Don't have a PayPal account,
Have received 2 unpaid item(s) recorded within 1 Month(s).
Have a primary shipping address in a location I don't ship to
Have 4 breach of policy report(s) within 1 Month(s).
Have a Feedback score of -1 or lower.

Wont send outside the UK

Also I have had a request for a BIN price - have politely replied and published answer saying
"If you would like to make me an serious offer then I can consider if it is worth relisting with a BIN. I have already had alot of watchers on this item and if someone bids before you reply I will allow the auction to run in order to be fair"

Have I done the right thing on this?


jobo84 Mon 06-Jun-11 20:58:21

HI sending outside uk isnt all that bad, i have done it, people are prepared to pay the extra in postage as long as you make that clear to them, once sent a dress to australia, obv big items cant be sent, it depends on what you are sending, beware of paypal, any large sums of money they decide to hold until you have received positive feedback,my dh sold items before christmas because these items were over a set amount, quite a bit of money they held it for 6 months, they do this to thousand of people, excuse the language but google fuckpaypal you will see what i mean. They held £300 of my money for 4 weeks. Every time we asked why they witheld both lots of money they said because we earnt too much too soon. Cash on collection is ok have done it a few times.
As for BIN if they dont reply in time then its their loss, sold a ds once and someone offered me £50 it sold for £85 so was glad i declined the offer. Dont under sell your item, too many people want things at unrealistic prices these days.
Do you mind me asking what you are selling?
It is good to send things recorded as some can try to claim they didnt receive item when infact they did and are just trying to get their money back and keep the item too. Unfortunately there are people like that. When you do the price of postage take into account your travel to post and the packaging costs,dont be scared to name your price. Hope i helped a bit. I have feedback of about 70, so have been on it a while. I would also recommend that if you are selling items that are quite a bit of money that you ask the bidders to message you before bidding if they have a feedback less than 10,may sound silly but, i have had a few that think it is funny to bid on an item and win but not pay or message you just to annoy people, they dont want the item, just want to make your life hard work.

allthefires Sun 12-Jun-11 08:49:25

Thank you.

Am already developing a backbone and saying no thank you to bins that are just rubbish or asking me for price.

I still won't sell abroad though as I only send trackable and am not prepared to lose money.

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