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Ebay advice, Non payment.

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chickydoo Sun 05-Jun-11 13:01:42

Have been buying and selling bits and pieces on ebay for a year or 2.
Have 100% positive feedback. A couple of days ago I sold a new water pump.
Very hevy item so I put pick up only on the listing. Someone won the item for £40.00
They then asked if I would post it, I said no as it was heavy, had already stated pick up only. To be honest the hassle of finding a box suitable for it, packing it all up and sending it is not what I want to do. Item is so heavy it would be a real pain.
The buyer was quite rude and said in his email that he would bid for a similar item instead? Surely he has agreed to pay, so isn't that what he should do. He should have asked me about the postage before he bid.
What should I do if he refuses to pay. I just want to get rid of the pump (and the £40 will come in very handy)
any help much appreciated

Mabelface Sun 05-Jun-11 13:03:18

I'd raise it as a non paying bidder with Ebay resolution.

fergoose Sun 05-Jun-11 13:04:11

wait until 4 days after end of auction then open up a non payment dispute. Select resolve a problem from the drop down list next to the item. Then after 3 days you can close - get your fees back, and buyer gets a strike. they then cannot leave neg fb. Then relist.

Unfortunately if they refuse to pay there's nothing you can do except file a non paying bidder report and relist.

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