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bought something for the first time on ebay and the damn item gone missing

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bemybebe Sun 05-Jun-11 00:47:44

bought something relatively small on the 18th May, but still haven't received it. seller claims it was posted 1st class on the 20th and has proof of purchase, says they will be able to claim on the 13th June if it is still missing. i don't have the item and, frankly have no interest in getting involved in the discussion with the royal mail. i am happy to wait a bit though, just in case royal mail is slow...

is it just the matter of opening a dispute if the seller insists on me waiting for her being reimbursed by the royal mail? what channel should i use - ebay or paypal? cheers!!

AlmightyCitrus Sun 05-Jun-11 01:48:23

Oh, hard luck. Crap when it goes wrong, especially on your first go!

Open a dispute via paypal. It's easy enough to do. I've had stuff go missing in the past (both as sender and buyer). As a buyer I've had refunds fairly quickly. I seem to remember refunding someone, then having to wait a while before I claimed off royal mail.(I always get either a proof of postage or send registered post depending on ££££ of item).

fergoose Sun 05-Jun-11 08:28:08

You have no need to get involved with claiming. It is the sellers responsibility to claim so don't accept them telling you otherwise. Just start a claim and escalate it in paypal and you will get a full refund

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