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buyer says item is not as my listing

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gregssausageroll Tue 31-May-11 18:12:35

I sold a bag last week and posted it off next day as specified by special delivery.

My listing confirmed and showed a black mark on the bottom of the bag.

Buyer has come back to me today - over a week since the item was sent saying that there are several black marks on it and a damaged clasp.

The bag wasn't in this condition when it left me and the buyer says she doesn't believe this happened in transit.

Where do I stand? What can I say? I just don't sell shit items on ebay.

She wants to return the bag for a refund. I am not happy with this.

fergoose Tue 31-May-11 18:49:05

You will have to let her return it to you and refund her in full.

Can you not claim with royal mail for the damaged clasp? Or do you think she damaged it herself. Tell her to keep all the packaging to assist you in your claim.

If you don't offer her a refund she will just go to ebay/paypal, then you will get a black mark against your name. Is best to try sort it amicably now to be honest.

gregssausageroll Tue 31-May-11 19:54:10

This is what I feared. I do think she's damaged it herself as I looked at it before it went as did my colleague at work. There was definitely just one black mark on the base. It would appear that I have absolutely no come back on that at all, even if she has damaged it. I am then £110 down on a bag that I can't do anything with!

Blasted ebay had defaulted to no returns so I have sent her a message saying to return it but I also said that she's not to damage it just to return it as I hadn't realised the default.

Ebay just isn't for sellers these days is it? I am in knots over this. I think once my current auctions are finished, that will be it.

fergoose Tue 31-May-11 20:10:17

OK - check her feedback. Has she bought another the same recently - do you think she may send you back her own damaged bag? You can use goofbay to see what other items she has bought recently. Did your listing have lots of clear photos of the mark on the bottom?

Send this

'Dear Buyer,

I am very sorry you have a problem with your purchase. I am puzzled as to how the damage occurred. As you can see from my photos and listing the damage you state was not present while the bag was in my care.

I can only presume this damage happened during transit. Please therefore can you return the bag to me, and also include all the original packaging as I will need this to claim for damage in transit. Once I have checked my security markings I will then of course refund you.



Now this will hopefully stop her returning a bag which is not yours. If she is trying to scam you this should act as a deterrent.

gregssausageroll Tue 31-May-11 20:28:50

Thanks for your help. I'd already sent her a message saying to return it. I'm just gutted about it.

She's got 75 feed back at 100%.

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