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neutral feedback, what should I do?

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cluttered Sun 29-May-11 23:52:14

I just received my first neutral feedback, basically the buyer said that I had listed some toddler jeans as barely worn but in fact the knees showed signs of wear. Now I am sure that my son hardly wore these as I remember regretting that I had bought them when he was on the cusp of the next size and when I checked them before listing them they seemed in really good condition. However, they weren't new, it's possible they had a hard time in the washing machine or had some damage I didn't notice as she was obviously not happy with them.

If she had contacted me we could have come to some agreement, I would have refunded her if she wished, but she isn't asking for anything, just the neutral feedback. I have sent an email saying I wish she had contacted me first before leaving neutral feedback but should I offer her a refund anyway and leave a comment to that effect? How much damage is 1 neutral going to do when I have more than 100 positive feedbacks?

bruxeur Sun 29-May-11 23:53:35

I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, cluttered - this is probably the end. Is there anyone you could call?

FriggFRIGG Sun 29-May-11 23:54:18

do nothing,it wont make a difference,everyone knows some people are impossible to please.

just be double careful next time.

FriggFRIGG Sun 29-May-11 23:54:53


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