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A posting abroad question

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tattycoram Fri 27-May-11 17:19:29

I hadn't intended to post abroad, but a buyer from Korea bought some shoes I had on BIN - I hadn't thought to block overseas buyers

I didn't reply straight away to their query on postage costs - sent after they paid.

They wrote to chase me up, saying htey usually paid £14 or £19 ish for Royal Mail unrecorded/recorded .

I checked Royal Mail and invoiced with the £19 charge for recorded

They've now written to say they want unrecorded and won't complain if the shoes don't arrive

I don't want to do taht

So what do I do now? Do I write and say sorry, no, recorded or nothing or can I cancel the transaction?

No idea why tehy didn't contact to check postage charges before buying


sixlostmonkeys Fri 27-May-11 17:32:37

sending recorded/airsure is for your benefit not theirs so you need to explain that that is the only option. Tell them that if they wish you can cancell the transaction.

For future listings it is best to either state the postage up front or block bids from countries you don't post to.

tattycoram Fri 27-May-11 17:48:09

thanks for the advice, I'll say that and will look into blocking bids in futuer

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