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New Ebay challenge. £300 by summer holidays. All welcome!

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Tortoise Mon 25-Apr-11 22:30:57

New thread. smile
Have been busy listing tonight and now have 27 items.
Here are my latest listings

BreakOutTheKaraoke Tue 26-Apr-11 13:57:26

I'll join you
I've been selling for the last couple of weeks, made prob about £120 from shoes, and I have loads of kids clothes to get ironed and listed today.
This is all I have on at the moment, quite a few finished yesterday so just got in from post office.

I also just bidded on that very cute spotty sleepsuit of yours! Did you have it on a boy or a girl?

chirpchirp Tue 26-Apr-11 15:45:25

If my DS wasn't already in 6-9m clothing I would be bidding against you on the spotty sleepsuit!

Yeah I'm up for this! only got one item up at the moment as I put the others up as buy it nows and they got snapped up over the weekend. YAY.

Tortoise Tue 26-Apr-11 16:35:49

The spotty sleepsuit is very cute! I didn't use it for any of my DC. It was in a bag of bits a friend was chucking out before she moved. I think it would suit either TBH.

I have a few bikes to list later. They need some work on them (just the gears on 2 of them) so probably not worth much. Tyres are OK so hoping someone will maybe just buy for parts!

Tortoise Tue 26-Apr-11 20:48:20

I can't list the bikes. I have reached my selling limit for this month due to those stupid detailed seller rating stars. I have had to many below standard on dispatch time. I personally think they are a stupid idea. I could rate everyone i buy from as low stars if i wanted and it wouldn't matter to Ebay but would be bad for the seller.
Now have to leave the bikes until next month sometime. (Doesn't say when in the month or if it is the whole of April and 1st of May i can list) angry

chirpchirp Tue 26-Apr-11 20:59:03

Could you maybe just stick the bikes on Gumtree? I always tend to list bigger items on Gumtree.

Tortoise Tue 26-Apr-11 21:51:25

I have had a look at Gumtree but can't work out my local one blush. Plus i don't know what price to put on them.

BreakOutTheKaraoke Tue 26-Apr-11 22:35:11

We get crowns now?!! How amazing is that! grin
Ive ironed and photographed loads tonight, written out 11 lstings on turbolister. Fingers crossed it works, I've not used it in years, after it refused to put up about 25 listings I wrote, grrr.

Got a bundle to list, but it weighs 1.3kg, and turbolister won't let me put the right postage in- when did they change that? Going to have to break it all up and photograph it again now, and its all basics so I wanted to get them all in together.

Tortoise Tue 26-Apr-11 22:48:07

Put the postage as freight (i think), then state in the listing the postage cost. Or try listing direct onto Ebay for the bundle and see if postage works that way.
Personally fed up with all the price restrictions. Things don't always cost the price they limit you too. In fact i'm a bit pissed off with Ebay tonight! grin

CoffeeGoneColdAgain Wed 27-Apr-11 08:48:52

Can you tell me how to link my stuff so you can have a nosey grin
please and thank you !

BreakOutTheKaraoke Wed 27-Apr-11 22:10:30

Thanks, I'll try that!

Coffee, I just went onto my listing, copy and pasted the address onto here, and converted it to a link the usual way on here smile

I've listed another 11 listings tonight, got another 3 bags full to iron now though sad

DinosaursHateUnderpants Wed 27-Apr-11 22:22:31

I'm back doing ebay again, not as much as usual but a few gone on this week - here

Tortoise Wed 27-Apr-11 22:58:08

Dinosaurs Did you mean to put £7.50 postage for the nose strips?

bamboostalks Thu 28-Apr-11 08:01:23

May I join, am newish to ebay but am so skint on maternity leave that it is my latest money making venture. Can't believe how addictive it all is!

Vix1980 Thu 28-Apr-11 08:38:42

Hi can i join too, desperatly need to make some more money to get a carpet for my bedroomso £300 sounds about right, if someone can tell me how to put a link in i can show you what im selling... thanks

I think this may be how but not sure so ill just try it...

has that worked??

Vix1980 Thu 28-Apr-11 08:38:58

No obviously not!!

DinosaursHateUnderpants Thu 28-Apr-11 10:04:38

Thanks Tortoise - should have been £1.50 smile

chirpchirp Thu 28-Apr-11 23:04:41

Managed to get a few more things listed tonight, please feel free to have a nosey!

Vix1980 Fri 29-Apr-11 08:14:41

Sad i know but think i have just worked out how to add a link, I am v. v. excited right now! please tell me its right!

My link is here

bamboostalks Fri 29-Apr-11 08:20:19

That link takes me to my ebay page! Was that your intention?

PegPolkadot Fri 29-Apr-11 08:32:36

Ooh, can I join too? I finally worked out how to put stuff on eBay and sold two pushchairs last week and started on a few clothes!

I am happy to go back to zero and try to make £300. I have loads of baby clothes and stuff to sell.

Is it best to sell outfits individually? Mine are mainly mothercare, next or m&s. I did sell my few designer bits last week but they seem to go very cheap- £1.99 for baby timberland jacket hmm

TheGashlycrumbTinies Fri 29-Apr-11 08:41:00

Do any of you know how to stop international bidders? I am getting a little fed up of non payments, and no communication.


chirpchirp Fri 29-Apr-11 14:10:04

Wow, had another two "buy it now" 's this morning and both from people in Austrailia. Very Hungry Caterpillar goodies must be hard to come by in Oz! That's me up to £55 and have bids on another two items already. Maybe that £300 target is achievable afterall!

Vix1980 Sat 30-Apr-11 08:34:00

BoiledEggandToastSoldiers - When you list your items and you get to the postage section, there is normall 2 sections, 1 for uk postage prices and the second for worldwide postage, just change the worldwidepostage using the drop down arrow thing next to it to say no worldwide postage offered, that stops is from being listed on any other sites other than uk so you wont get other bids.x

ThePrincessRoyalFiggyrolls Sat 30-Apr-11 21:33:23

Ooh I might join if I may
Have done some serious ebaying tonight as dh is out so have spread around the house putting things on!

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