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Gumtree and paying by paypal ?

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OhCobblers Mon 21-Mar-11 19:11:47

if i sell something on Gumtree; am i right in assuming that if someone pays me via paypal that i'm not technically "covered", because they could reverse the transaction if they wanted to?

at least with ebay/paypal you're covered if you send it recorded. would that be case with a regular "sale" ?? thanks for any advice.

flaurenoko Tue 22-Mar-11 09:30:28

no, no, no.. dont post anything and dont take paypal for anything on gumtree!! scammers, scammers, scammers!! cash on collection only!

OhCobblers Tue 22-Mar-11 13:51:02

thanks for your reply. person who contacted me was happy to send money via paypal before i'd even confirmed postage costs????

i've said that i only deal with cash on collectin or postal orders that i can cash first. thats worked on a couple of things very well.

thought i was being overly paranoid but it seems not!!


FabbyChic Tue 22-Mar-11 14:16:03

You are still covered by seller protection providing they pay for goods and do not send a personal payment.

YOu have to send signed for and be able to show a signature online for a transaction to be covered by seller protection.

BootyMum Tue 29-Mar-11 19:36:55

I have sold an item [in January] on gumtree which the buyer paid for via personal payment on paypal. It went through ok and I then withdrew the money from paypal into my bank account.
I am now wondering, could the buyer still reverse this transaction? Is there a cut-off date for reversal, ie not after 3 or 6 months post transaction date?

BootyMum Tue 29-Mar-11 19:39:57

Sorry to highjack by the way... but hope one of you knows more about this!

Still learning the ins and out of Paypal.

FabbyChic Wed 30-Mar-11 14:59:01

The buyer cannot reverse a personal payment they have no protection on it at all.

user1491229756 Tue 04-Apr-17 15:43:28

Scammers still alive and well on Gumtree (who don't really seem interested in tackling the problem). Using Gumtree for first time and received 2 texts both from people who for various reasons couldn't come to view the furniture - one disabled and blind (really?) and one working on an oil rig!! Both were very happy to pay the full price but wanted to pay by PayPal and then organise a courier to pick up the goods and whisk them away to an undisclosed address. Hmmm something not quite right here...... I asked them both for their home addresses and proof of ID but surprise surprise - nothing forthcoming. Clearly these scammers have brains the size of a grain of sand and IQ's less than their shoe size because both of their enquiries were just so clearly bogus. But ... if they send out thousands of these offers some people will inevitably be taken in. It's up to Gumtree (owned by ebay) to clearly publicise these scams on their web site and they don't seem very keen to do this -

19lottie82 Tue 04-Apr-17 21:02:45

As long as you send via a service with proof of delivery, it's no riskier than selling on eBay.

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