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Ebay virgin...any tips

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girlylala0807 Sat 15-Jan-11 09:54:37

I have finally decided to join the online revolution that it ebay since I have 10tonnesofshitlayingaround stuff to sell.

So what sells and what dosent? I have a few baby/toddler jackets, a wee timberland top, a couple of pumkin patch things, a topshop skirt and other random baby items.

Any tips welcome


hidingmytrueidentity Sat 15-Jan-11 10:07:00

Ok. I have used ebay for over 10 years and have about 10,000 feedback on my 3 accounts.

eBay has changed a lot. I used tomsell on auctions now only do fixed price with best offer. Too much good stuff sells for 99p making it a waste of time to do auctions.

So if I thought I wanted £10 for a top I would put it on at £13 with a best offer. I don't set auto accept or reject ranges and so in see every offer. I list each item for 30 days. If I get no interest I may lower the price or just wait. Nearer the end I may accept £8 for the item etc.

Check what the postage and packing will be and charge fairly. If it's under 1kg you can do 2nd class recorded- in my experience they arrive the same day as 1st.

Take good photos- describe honestly- make sure that anything in the background is nice (I wouldn't buy from a house full of junk). I used to photo mine on marble bathroom floor- now I have a silk bed throw which is the entire background.

stressheaderic Sat 15-Jan-11 10:15:56

I've been ebaying unwanted clothes and baby stuff since last year and had a fair degree of success.
I just do it the usual auction way, with 99p starting bids to attract attention and get people watching. Some stuff goes for next to nothing, and other stuff goes for more than I thought, so it evens itself out. Most of it only would have gone to the charity shop anyway, I was only trying to have a clearout.

Post as many pictures as you are able, a mixture of whole shot and close up. Don't have lots of clutter in background of photo. State any faults or blemishes clearly and be truthful. Don't sell anything you wouldn't be happy to receive.

Higher end high street brands sell well so always include the name of the shop in your title. I've had the most success with Next, Gap, Zara, Monsoon, Pumpkin Patch.

Have your auctions finish after children's bedtimes on a Sunday night or weekday night. Aim to post within a couple of days of payment and keep up with feedback.

Good luck. I've really enjoyed it, have a much tidier house and am £500ish better off.

girlylala0807 Sat 15-Jan-11 10:29:34

Thank you both very much. Thats great advice. Im not looking to make loads of money, just clear out the junk so will keep prices fair.

Thanks again!

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