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Has anyone everbrought concert tickets off of Ebay?

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TinselinaBumSquash Tue 28-Dec-10 19:45:17

Hi I really want to go the the Xfactor tour, (mock away if you wish) there are no tickets near me at all. There are some on Ebay that are within my budget, they are good seats and the seller is top rated by ebay and has 100% good feedback. Do you think this would be safe to buy them? From what i can make out they buy loads of different concert tickets from all venues and sell them on at a profit, they have tickets for all the xfactor gigs and some take that and boyzone ones as well. Has anyone ever brought tickets from Ebay? Did it turn out ok? Thanks.

purepurple Tue 28-Dec-10 19:50:00

I have. A few years ago Radiohead played in our town and the tickets sold out in minutes. I bid on Ebay for 2 tickets which arrived before the gig and all was well.
I did pay slightly over the odds but it was worth it to me.
Just make sure you check the seller's feedback, and pick a seller that has experience of selling tickets.

ethelina Tue 28-Dec-10 19:51:16

DH bought Fallout Boy tickets a couple of years ago. It was fine. Just be as careful as you would usually be for any transaction on eBay..

mrsfollowill Tue 28-Dec-10 19:53:42

I've bought (and occasionally sold) concert tickets on ebay a few times and never had any problems. Depending on how close to the gig you wait you can sometimes bag a bargin. If the feedback from other buyers is good then I would go for it! grin

TinselinaBumSquash Tue 28-Dec-10 19:55:20

Ok this seller im watching has sold only tickets before from what history i can see, they are alot more xpensive than the actual tickets were but i guess he/she has to make a profit! I think i will go for it. Squee! Thanks

FabbyChic Tue 28-Dec-10 21:34:02

I have four times now.

You always pay more than face value.

Remember that you can only open a non receipt dispute for up to 45 days, after that if your tickets do not arrive and you did not fund your payment via a card you lose your money.

Funding via a visa debit or credit card protects you for up to 90 days however after that you are on your own.

LoveBeingADaddysGirl Sun 02-Jan-11 11:17:38

I have got little Britain tickets, only a few rows back. I only ever look at ones where they have the tickets in hand tbh don't like the thought of having to chase someone a year later.

HollyTwat Sun 02-Jan-11 11:54:55

Have you looked on
They ate a fan to fan site and guarantee their tickets. So if they don't arrive you get your money back.
The problem as was mentioned earlier, with buying ticket so far in advance on eBay or using paypal is that if you don't get the tickets you are out of their time range. I got caught out with the bloom festival last year that was cancelled. I lost £100 and paypal wouldn't help.

CybilScissorhands Sun 02-Jan-11 11:56:58

I just bought some but I found the disconcerting thing was waiting for the to arrive from the seller- but of course the tickets hadn't been sent out to them either.

You shoudl be ok if they ahve good feedbacketc

CWallace Wed 12-Jan-11 12:29:25

Have you considered sites like ? I've used ebay for tickets before and had no problem but sometimes I just prefer the safety factor of buying from a company! Sounds silly I guess!

FrequentNutter Wed 12-Jan-11 13:18:27

Ive just bought two Neyo Tickets!

Mspontipine Thu 13-Jan-11 21:38:19

I have - The Killers - yay!!! But however nice the seller sounded, and however good their feedback it wasn't until I got into the arena that I could relax knowing ticket was genuine

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