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some buyers annoy me

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mummytopebs Sun 19-Dec-10 14:31:22

Sorry just want a little rant. A buyer has just put on my 100 per cent feedback (that I work very hard to keep) that an item took 7 days to get to them!!!! FFS I posted it 1 day after payment, has this person not looked out of the window and seen the snow and do they not realise it is the week before xmas - The royal mail is hardly my fault arrrrgh

TheBrandyButterflyEffect Sun 19-Dec-10 14:47:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sixlostmonkeys Sun 19-Dec-10 17:35:55

many buyers can not tell the difference between dispatch and delivery, ie dispatch being under the control of the seller and delivery not being under the control of the seller. Ebay themselves don't help much, as recently, due to possible problems the weather could have of items in the post ebay stated in their message "We’ll be reminding buyers when they leave feedback that they should take the adverse weather conditions into account when rating sellers on dispatch time." What they should be reminding buyers is that the star for dispatch is for dispatch not bloomin royal mail delivery.

If they left you a neg I would take the time to send a polite message asking them to withdraw it. If they wrote these comments on a positive then you can either leave it as other ebayers will realise it is a silly comment or reply with something like "sorry about the severe weather. Glad your item arrived safe and sound"

ilovecrisps Sun 19-Dec-10 22:07:47

MInd you I put 3-5 days despatch on mine for one thing recently I was paid Sat and I posted Tues.

I got 'dissappointed with slow despatch time' !!!

She left a pos but it was my first time selling so I was a bit sad hmm about that

Tryharder Tue 21-Dec-10 00:29:26

i was left a neutral recently saying something like "items as described but took some time to get to me". It was a standard parcel and RM took 7 days to deliver and i posted the day after payment.

I left a very polite and lovely reply apologising on behalf of Royal Mail smile.

I wanted to write "For fucks sake you stupid unfair bitch, how dare you leave me a neutral???"

ChippingIn Tue 21-Dec-10 00:36:38

I hope that if they gave you a negative that you appeal - if not just kick something and forget it. People are bloody stupid. I have been looking for something on ebay that's relatively expensive so have been checking out the feedback a bit more closely than normal - some of the negatives are so fucking stupid, I would be LIVID. One of them was even a really postive comment (something like AAA+++ seller, fast, efficent great quality) so WHY WHY WHY do eBay not change that to a positive? It puts me off selling on ebay.

ragged Thu 23-Dec-10 10:59:23

I always read the non-positive comments carefully; some of them are a waste of text, but an awful lot are obviously a result of avoidable misunderstandings.

Maybe only strategy is to keep your buyers as informed as possible, message as soon as you post and actively pester them whether something has arrived. Hopefully even the densest buyers will get the idea that you're doing everything reasonable in your power to get it to them.

mjinsparklystockings Mon 27-Dec-10 21:03:41

Message withdrawn

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