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Postage . Aagh.

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Melty Sat 27-Nov-10 15:15:49

I bought a really good quality top, and postage was listed as £3.00 Economy Delivery (Other Courier 3-5 days)

I wanted it more quickly, so I emailed seller to ask if she could post first class recorded delivery. I paid for the top and told her I would be happy to pay the extra for first class recorded.
So I paid another £2.

(The top is a lovely Jaeger one,and I got a real bargain-it went for £12.50 plus postage)

Anyway, it arrived this morning, in a plain brown A4 manilla envelope, with a big rip in the front, (probably from being mishandled by Royal Mail) The postie had to uncurl the ripped bit to check my name so I could sign for it.
The total postage was £2.46.

Now I am not daft enough to think that postage is only for the price of the stamp. ( but the very least I would expect is decent packaging).

She has already left me positive feedback, and her own feedback is good.
The top is in excellent condition (not damaged by being on display through the rip in the envelope) and it arrived really quickly, so I am loathe to leave even neutral feedback. But I am slightly peeved.

ragged Sat 27-Nov-10 15:26:59

I would give her positive feedback but with a verbal comment about packaging problem, and poor marks on the appropriate individual ratings (star system).

Else you could ask for a small rebate in postage, but I imagine that you would rather forget about it and move on? Think it over for a few days before doing anything.

classydiva Sun 28-Nov-10 11:18:02

Mark down the star ratings.

GingerbreadLatteGoneColdAgain Sun 28-Nov-10 15:41:04

Agree with ClassyDiva re the star ratings, but what ever you do don't give them zero as it doesn't register, just click on the 1 star!

Melty Sun 28-Nov-10 16:20:38

OK, just left Positive Feedback: Arrived in exc condition, however envelope ripped by R Mail. Unsuitable packaging.

I wouldnt dream of asking for a refund of postage, as I did agree to pay it.
Even if it had been put into a plastic food bag inside the envelope it would have looked better.
If it had been raining, it wouldnt have been such a nice purchase.

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