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Has anyone bought one of those Paypal giftcards from 3Vgiftcards - having a nightmare! Help

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mammabelleboo Fri 26-Nov-10 14:30:00

Bought a 25 pound giftcard yesterday to top up my ebay account a bit for Xmas shopping. I thought all I'd have to do was tap in a number and hey presto - balance added to paypal account - OOOH NO, NO, NO!!! Not so simple.
I've spent literally hours trying to work out exactly what I'm meant to do to get to my 25.00 - I can't seem to access it.

I've gone thro a very longwinded process of going to the 3V website, activating the card, getting various security numbers, card numbers you name it bloody numbers. Then back to Paypal to link it to my paypal account. I think I've done everything I'm supposed to have - but no balance showing in paypal (except for the bloody pound they take off you for some reason, that's in there!!!).

I then think, maybe you have to choose the Visa card option in the payment screen as the balance on the card is kept separate from your ebay balance. When making a payment, paypal is the default but when I click on other funding options it only shows my bank account cardn and not this Visa giftcard, yet when I go into Paypal Profiles this giftcard is showing as having been added. Confusing. So I thought I'd give up on ebay and spend it in Amazon - but when I got to the payment screen after selecting Visa as the payment option (which the card tells you to do) I then stumble as it asks for the name on the card - and it's a bloody giftcard, so there's no name.

So I'm left here with 25.00 floating around in the ether that I can't access or spend. No telephone numbers for help on the 3V website and to phone paypal will cost a fortune as it's international rates. Have left a desparate email on the paypal help pages, but no-one has replied.

Sorry for the longwinded post, hope it makes sense - just hoping someone out there has successfully ussed one of these cards and can tell me what I'm doing wrong. wish I'd have gone to the bank and put the money in there instead. Nightmare!! Thanks if you got this far!xx

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