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How do I do a partial refund?

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DomesticDisaster Mon 22-Nov-10 18:07:53

Can you do a partial refund via ebay? Does that negate the original sale? Help!

I sold something that I realised wasn't how I described it and the buyer said she's fine to still have it and I have offered to give it to her for free just the postage.

If I try to do this via ebay is that allowed? Would it negate the whole thing seeing as other people bid on it?

Should I just cancel the sale and ask her to send me the postage via paypal?

I have no idea.

ANTagony Mon 22-Nov-10 18:11:44

If she is paying via paypal you can generate an invoice (its in the transaction drop down menu - send buyer an invoice) and put a discount on it the equivalent of the purchase price. You then send this to the buyer who pays it and it shows the transaction as paid in your ebay.

If she has paid already via paypal you highlight the transaction in paypal and click refund. It then gives you the option of how much you wish to refund

DomesticDisaster Mon 22-Nov-10 18:22:56

Oh that's great. She has paid so I've just done that. Thank you ANT.

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