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best way to seel washable nappies

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OnlyWantsOne Mon 15-Nov-10 07:28:27

My sister has given me abag load of nappies to sell

17 x Motherease Sandy’s Small

Motherease nappy cover/wrap Rikki > 1 x Small and 1 x Medium

TotsBots Bamboozles Size 2 x 3

TotsBots Nappy wrap/cover Size 2 x 2

5 very soft linings

Do I sell them individually?

As a set they would be far too large to post -so, what would you masters of online trade suggest?

bamboobutton Mon 15-Nov-10 07:32:28

are they used?

AFAIK you can't sell used nappies on ebay for hygiene reasons.

there are places likr the nappy tree website where you can sell them. i think it offers advice on how to sell them too.

OnlyWantsOne Mon 15-Nov-10 07:34:45

no not used but are not in packets as my sister washed them all before her son was born (he's now 4) and theyve been in a mithercare bag in attic ever since.

Oooh seeling nappies. Muppet

bamboobutton Mon 15-Nov-10 07:40:12

hmm, ebay might still consider them used if they have been washed.

you could try listing them but don't be surprised if ebay removes it.

i would try selling them as small bundles of 2 or 4 nappies.

classydiva Mon 15-Nov-10 09:01:38

If they get removed you get a policy violation against your account. As they are not brand new because they have been washed I wouldnt list them.

bamboobutton Mon 15-Nov-10 09:09:55

heres a couple of places you can sell them-

cloth nappy tree

maxybrown Mon 15-Nov-10 10:04:39

You can sell them on here too AFAIK smile also you could sell them as a bundle and send them via courier

fuzzypicklehead Wed 01-Dec-10 20:36:25

I sold mine via gumtree with great success!

tutu100 Wed 01-Dec-10 21:02:50

I think as long as they have not been used you can sell them on ebay even if they have been washed. I have seen lots of listings stating that nappies are unused but pre-washed as you are supposed to wash nappies several times to increase their absorbancy before using them.

I would contact ebay and check if you can sell pre-washed but unused nappies. If they say yes state in your advert that they are pre-washed but have never been used.

I would sell the wraps individually, but the nappies in bundles (e.g. 5) with a statement saying I am happy to combine postage. Also offer collection in person.

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