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I really need help

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wubbzy1981 Tue 09-Nov-10 17:37:51

I bought an item costing £130. Paid by paypal.

Item was never received and so queried with seller. They showed me an address that they had sent it to which was an old address.

I then realised that although ebay had my correct delivery address, paypal is still in my old address.

I have never had a problem before with items being sent so it has never come to my attention.

I do not know where I stand.

The old address is miles away and I have no means of getting there. ;-(

Indith Tue 09-Nov-10 17:47:19

Well I would have thought that if it doesn't get picked up form the depot it will be returned to the seller so maybe you can rin gthe post office, see if it is at the depot near old address then ask the seller if they would mind sending it again when it is returned (and obviously pay fo rthe additional postage)

classydiva Tue 09-Nov-10 17:51:42

Ask your seller if they have a signature for the item, because one of that value should have been sent special delivery.

If it was sent special then the receipient should have refused to sign and it goes back to the seller.

In the meantime, file an item not received dispute with PayPal, you don;t have your item do you?

And change your address under the profile sub heading in PayPal.

Or add the address to your My eBay and remove the old address.

When you go thru checkout the address it is going to appears at the top of the page!

ScaredOfCows Tue 09-Nov-10 19:08:53

I don't think it is fair to the seller to now change your address with Paypal and file an item not received dispute. The sellor will end up massively out of pocket for what is essentially your mistake. I'm quite shocked that anyone could suggest that, actually.

Is there anyone who lives near where you used to live who might go and collect it for you? Or maybe it has been returned to the courier/RM depot if they couldn't deliver it. Find out from the sellor who was delivering the item and if it was delivered.

southeastastra Tue 09-Nov-10 19:10:42

i agree it's a bit mean to start a dispute if you haven't changed your address!

classydiva Tue 09-Nov-10 19:36:42

The address that appears on the PP transaction for the seller is one that is in eBay if the OP used eBay checkout.

What if the seller did not send signed for how can the seller prove it has even been delivered to the old address?

OP ask the seller for the tracking number showing receipt, if it shows as signed for then you can do nothing, if it shows as being returned to sender then you can do something.

Items of that value have to be sent by special delivery it is not the fault of the Op if it wasn't is it!

classydiva Tue 09-Nov-10 19:37:17

The Op has not said it has been signed for at the other address. What seller in their right minds sends an item of that value standard post?

Sorry you don't unless you are stupid.

southeastastra Tue 09-Nov-10 19:41:31

i always thought you should send items of value to the verified paypal address, so that's probably why they did.

i imagine it will be returned to sender

classydiva Tue 09-Nov-10 19:49:46

You should, however if the OP used eBay checkout her address as she changed it should be correct. But, how do you even know the parcel got to the old address.

You don't.

So if it did not why should the buyer lose out?

It isnt a case of you got the wrong address on PayPal tough boobies. It is a case of did the seller send signed for and does she have a signature to prove receipt.

When you use eBay checkout the address on that page is the address that shows up on the PP transaction page as the delivery address.

eBay do own PayPal.

wubbzy1981 Tue 09-Nov-10 19:56:04

I did use ebay checkout, i always do.

When you go through and sign into paypal like classydiva says it brings up your ebay address, it does not bring up your paypal address as you akready click postal address through ebay. That is why I did not know the address was wrong.

What is really weired is that on order details in my ebay account, the address that is appearing for that particular order is the old one. I do not know how that is even possible.

southeastastra Tue 09-Nov-10 20:06:49

well it is odd but i don't think you can entirely blame the seller. can you contact the old address to see if they took it in maybe?

BangingNoise Tue 09-Nov-10 20:09:52

I think it would be wrong to open a dispute. The seller has completed their side of the deal.
Has enough time passed for the item to have been returned to the seller or do you think the people at your old address have it?

wubbzy1981 Tue 09-Nov-10 20:17:40

I have just realised. I did not set this ebay account up until after I moved and so the wrong address must of been imported from paypal even though I used ebay checkout.

It should have been returned by now, the seller is checking the status now. They did send it signed.

I can try and send someone to the house if it turns out they did sign for it.

If they deny having it but couriers provide the signiture, should I contact police? or would that be silly?

classydiva Tue 09-Nov-10 21:27:07

No they would not be silly, it would have been an offence for them to have signed for a parcel that was not for them i.e addressed to them.

It is not possible for the address to have been imported from PP when you pay via eBay checkout the address comes from your eBay settings and not PayPal.

Sounds more like a PayPal glitch tbh.

They have done it before too.

wubbzy1981 Tue 09-Nov-10 22:33:46

I agree, the more I look into it the more it seems strange.

I changed my bank details a year or so ago and had to change them with paypal to make payments. This i have realised was done using my current address which was confirmed. I realise that I must have updated my PP address to my current one in order to confirm my bank details and address.

To back this up further, all of my previous recent transactions on PP show my confirmed address as my current one and that is why I have never had a problem with delivery.

So ebay have only ever had my current address, I paid via ebay checkout yet somehow at this point, paypal has defaulted to an unconfirmed previous address.

I didn't know this as when I paid via ebay checkout, you request postal address as the ones registered in ebay which of course I only have one.

classydiva Wed 10-Nov-10 08:04:00

Ask the seller to send you a copy of the payment received email showing the old address. You may be able to use that if necessary to argue with PP if you cannot get a refund via non receipt if she can provide a signature.

wubbzy1981 Wed 10-Nov-10 09:55:30

Update - I spoke to PP this morning. They said that my address was wrong in PP.

For previous transactions, my ebay and PP address have not been linked and so it is the ebay imported address that is sent to sellers.

However at ome point my ebay account has become linked and so now it is the paypal imported address.

Why oh why could this not have happened when I last bought a £2 item.

classydiva Wed 10-Nov-10 10:36:20

Aaaah you do have to link your PayPal account.

That aside though, if the seller has no signature then it has not been delivered and will be returned to them.

Does the seller have a signature?

wubbzy1981 Wed 10-Nov-10 10:40:06

Not getting any reply from them.

Paypal said that if I do not hear from them then I should still open a dispute as they should be assisting me if I ask for signiture details.

classydiva Wed 10-Nov-10 12:54:48

Yep they should, glad PayPal gave you the same advice as me!

wubbzy1981 Thu 11-Nov-10 14:38:31

Thank you for all of your help everybody.

I checked the feedback and somewhere is mentioned Tnt couriers. I called them with address details of sellers and mine and they were able to track it down to a warehouse. I was allowed to pick it up last night.

Thank you everyone.

classydiva Thu 11-Nov-10 18:41:20

Hey thats great news! Fantastic!

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