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What would you expect for 'perfect condition'

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Grumpla Tue 26-Oct-10 23:10:09

Really disappointed that two soft toys I bought for DS xmas prezzies which were listed as 'perfect' have arrived in a quite heavily played with condition.

They are both fairly grubby and one has a chip on one of the plastic eyes.

It's not like I wouldn't let him play with them (I would) but I paid over the odds for these thinking they would be immaculate and therefore suitable for unwrapping in front of the rellys on xmas day. Maybe I'm being ridiculously shallow - I know he won't notice or mind - but I'd actually be a bit embarrassed for him to unwrap these in front of certain judgey members of the family (who already think I'm stingy for buying secondhand toys, let alone grubby ones)

I've now sent the seller a politely worded message asking for a partial refund / return. Am I being unreasonable? They are still working, came with batteries, no major stains or anything... just not 'perfect'!

runningrach Tue 26-Oct-10 23:16:18

Were they described as 'used' or 'new'? If new the answer is obvious. If used, I would still expect 'perfect' to mean clean with no apparent damage, even if some mild wearing to be pretty much 'as new'. Def complain though sometimes with second hand stuff it's hard to interpret and you may just have to leave neg feedback. A good seller would rather make reparations than receive neg feedback though. Hope it works out.

P.S. if you can't return/refund, for Xmas purposes would a cycle in the washing machine work? If looks clean prob no one would notice eye chip!

Grumpla Tue 26-Oct-10 23:22:18

Thanks for the reply, they were described as 'perfect condition'... if I were selling them I would say 'good used condition' and I would definitely have listed the chip to the eye!

Don't think the washing machine will do them any good as they have talky bits and pressy buttons!

I don't think I've EVER left neg feedback (or received any) before, I really hope it doesn't come to that (feels like dobbing someone in to the teacher somehow!)

OhCobblers Thu 28-Oct-10 13:54:27

doesn't sound unreasonable at all - you asking for a refund that is.

however, i think i'd have requested a full refund and Postage to send it back.

i think sellers need to be really careful using a "perfect cond" description as i'd be expecting it to be prefect!!

aristocat Thu 28-Oct-10 15:44:38

i agree if i list as perfect then it is ..... seller wasnt entirely honest IMO and i would return and accept the refund from them.

maxybrown Thu 28-Oct-10 16:46:50

perfect is well, perfect! Unfortunately everybody haas different ideas of this! I would def say something!

Grumpla Sun 31-Oct-10 00:13:26

I still haven't heard back from the seller - emailed her Tuesday to ask about a refund. AAARRGGHH!! I'm so cross. I looked at them again today and they really are not anywhere near perfect angry

lovingthesun Sun 31-Oct-10 23:18:15

ebay is all about trust & I hate it when sellers are decitful.

I'm in a similar situation. I;ve bought some 'as new' well it's not. I've asked for a refund + the postage, so the total amount I paid. If I don't get it, I'll raise a dispute with paypal (which I'll win) & then I've have to send the item as recorded (paypal need the number). If I have to do this, I'll need negative feedback. If she refunds me, I won't bother with any feedback.

I think if someone isn't being honest with their listings, it's only fair that you are honest with feedback.

I sell regulary & I scrutinse my stuff..even scrubbing mud off soles of shoes !

Whippet Mon 01-Nov-10 09:07:23

I would expect something described as 'perfect condition' to look like it was an unwanted gift e.g. not used, put away in a cupboard and fogotten about. Certainly not with any wear or damage (unless specifically mentioned)

classydiva Mon 01-Nov-10 20:34:51

Perfect condition means to me it is "as new".

classydiva Mon 01-Nov-10 20:35:14

loving the sun, surely everybody cleans shoes before the list them including the soles?

Grumpla Mon 01-Nov-10 22:40:21

Nope, I've bought dirty shoes before! Didn't bother me as they weren't listed as anything other than 'used' though.

Seller has FINALLY got back to me after I sent second arsey message (first one was obviously too polite)

She had the cheek to tell me they were perfect AGAIN, and that her DD had 'never played with them'. Hmm, how come they are matted all over and dirty then?!?!

She asked me what she should do, so following lovingthesun 's advice I am asking for either discount or full refund plus my postage back to her.


classydiva Mon 01-Nov-10 22:58:16

if she doesnt play ball then open a dispute for item not as described.

I list used shoes but that is becuase they have been worn not cos they got carp on the soles.

I always leave neutrals for a seller who sends me dirty shoes.

No excuse for scum.

Monty100 Mon 01-Nov-10 23:05:32

I'd want a full refund including p&p. Anything less and I wouldn't hesitate to leave negative feedback.

That's not good behaviour on the part of that seller.

Grumpla Tue 02-Nov-10 20:01:39

Right, she has agreed to part refund me but didn't seem to know how this worked hmm

She's still saying that they were in perfect condition though (e.g. accusing me of lying) so this will be reflected in my feedback.

We'll see if I get the money back...

maxybrown Tue 02-Nov-10 20:37:22

bloody hell!

I have bought shoes with mud on before, I left feedback saying even came with free mud grin

I also once bought a wardrobe for DS, that they also dropped off for us and it all happened so quickly I didn't give it full checking over stupidly. When they had driven off DH and I couldn't believe it, it was utter tat and we had used his birthday money to buy it sad DH took the whole thing apart and re glued it and made new bits and it was still a pile of shite, she argued with me and said it was immaculate as new shock we tipped it. Difference of ideas eh?!

I have LOADS of soft toys Grumpla that ARE as new - what you after? wink

lovingthesun Wed 03-Nov-10 20:32:56

Grumpla, she's playing you, it's very easy to do a part refund, but why would you accept that ? Please go to your paypal account & open a dispute. State the item is not as described, which is blah blah & is in fact dirty/broken. Then put it straight to resolution. Paypal should release the payment back to you - but you'll need to send it back recorded & you'll need to provide the tracking number, but don't do this until Paypal ask you to.

She sounds like a right nuisance. After you've got the refund, give her negative.

If it helps, try imagining her in the pub telling her chums how she ripped someone off on ebay wink

classydiva yes you'd think so...a pair arrived the other day allegedly 'worn once' complete with bird poo...nice !

Grumpla Mon 08-Nov-10 19:15:08

Yeah, I think you're right I've told her it's a full refund or nothing as haven't heard anything back from her. I would have accepted a part refund and just given them to him to play with before xmas, but no more Ms Nice Grumpla!

I know I shouldn't take it personally but it's really bothering me! Although I do buy and sell on ebay a lot and this is the first major issue I have had. Hey ho.

Timbachick Mon 08-Nov-10 19:23:12

Have just come across this thread and felt the need to reply.

People like your seller reflect badly on every decent user on Ebay - sadly there seem to be more and more sellers who just want to rip people off.

It is stupidly easy to issue a refund - partial or otherwise. Your seller is just trying play you.

If I was you would get in touch with Ebay itself and open a case - at this stage you merely want to get down in writing with Ebay the problems you have suffered - misrepresentation of goods, not replying to your messages unless pressed, threatening you with negative feedback (why she should be able to do that I don't know). They will log your email and be able to offer advice.

I once had to do this and was assured by Ebay that if the person did leave negative feedback for me I would be able to get it removed.

Good luck.

bacon Tue 09-Nov-10 21:24:22

Im also fed up with this too. I always describe my items in detail, I check them over and describe any stain, bobbling, damage etc but some people just dont bother. I bought a Joules toweling top which was described as excellent but how could this be? It was stained, the fabric was squashed and some fading. It must of been worn loads and demanded a good refund. She was polite and did so. But why didnt she bother to check it over before listing?

I think sellers sound list age, condition etc in more detail. I cant understand why sellers put in the description all the detail about the item but nothing on the condition of it now. In used condition is not acceptable.

What is with this statement "sold as seen" I dont think legally you can put this if you cant actually touch it or have the opportunity to go and check it over especially when the photo is fuzzy - makes me laugh!

Perfect - is hardly used and like new.

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