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Free listing days on eBay UK 11th & 12th September

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PurpleFrog Fri 10-Sep-10 15:34:11

Insertion fees waived this weekend. More details here.

This is a good chance to start items at a higher price with no penalty if they don't sell!

StealthPolarBear Fri 10-Sep-10 15:37:49

yes I'm planning to take advatage of this too!

mjinhiding Sat 11-Sep-10 07:59:42

Message withdrawn

StealthPolarBear Sun 12-Sep-10 12:54:55

well I have listed a load of books and a baby coat and a bathroom shelving unit thing, desperately looking for more stuff to list
bump for anyone else

mjinhiding Sun 12-Sep-10 22:42:11

Message withdrawn

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