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Quick question about currency rates with Paypal

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boogiewoogie Thu 15-Jul-10 22:05:23

Hello please can some wise soul tell me where I can find the currency rates with Paypal as I'm not sure which would leave me better off. Paying with credit card or with Paypal (non ebay transaction but still online shopping iyswim).


fyimate Fri 16-Jul-10 21:57:32

I think Paypal take a cut too now so it would depend how much either one takes.
Have you tried the t&c's section? Or Q&A's?
If that fails I think you can email them?

SteveO Sun 18-Jul-10 14:13:32

The conversion rates are here -

It's always free to use PP as a buyer, the seller pays the fees in all cases, but as allude to above, their currency conversion rates are often in their favour compared to credit card rates.

boogiewoogie Sun 18-Jul-10 15:21:44

Thanks that's very useful.

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