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ManiacalLapwing Sun 20-Oct-19 12:44:14

Name changed for this.

I'm a 35 year old sole parent of a teenager. I had anorexia in my mid teens. I've lost weight this year, down to a BMI of 20 intentionally, then still continued losing while trying to maintain. I scared myself when I dropped below a BMI of 18.5 as I'd been a healthy weight my whole adult life until then, and managed to maintain that weight over summer before losing again. I'm now just over a BMI of 17 and maintaining. I eat a healthy varied diet, just not enough to gain weight, and I feel physically fine.

Is it possible to see my GP and get some kind of general health check to make sure everything is okay (except my weight, obviously)? I know you can get one at 40. I'm not sure if I want to be referred to any eating disorder help or if I'd even be eligible.

ManiacalLapwing Sun 20-Oct-19 18:58:51

Anyone? If I make an appointment and say I'm underweight will they do checks and blood tests to see if everything is okay?

I'm theoretically happy with the idea of gaining half a stone to push my BMI back up to the borderline, but whenever the scale does go up slightly I end up eating less, so just trying not to lose for now. Just want to know if I'm physically healthy.

FennyBridges Sun 20-Oct-19 21:19:08

I'm not sure. The doctor's surgery hasn't contacted me about being 40. Or now over 40. But I think I have this inkling you can request a health check, and you can have one before 45 and one after 45. Similarly, if you don't request one, definitely before you're 45 they'll get you in.

I can't remember where I learnt this. But surely you can phone up and just ask?

ManiacalLapwing Sun 20-Oct-19 21:36:08

I'm 35 though. I just want a check because I'm underweight to check I'm otherwise healthy. I haven't been to a GP for myself in years so I'd like an idea of what to expect.

MajesticWhine Sun 20-Oct-19 21:51:45

Do you think about this a lot? Your weight / Bmi / food? Maybe you do have an eating disorder, or at least it might be worth talking to someone about it.
Your GP will order tests if you have symptoms which need checking out. Probably wouldn't for the reason you have given, just to check you are heathy.

FennyBridges Sun 20-Oct-19 22:06:44

Oh sorry. I misread. Why not just ask anyway? Or like MajesticWhine says go to the doctor to discuss deeper issues?

ManiacalLapwing Mon 21-Oct-19 06:19:33

Yes, I think I do have a problem, I'm just trying to manage it how I can. I know I am capable of talking about physical things with a doctor, talking about anything else is not happening.

If I have no symptoms to check out then am I probably fine? I have a regular period. I sometimes go dizzy from my blood pressure dropping when I stand up, that's it. Would a GP dismiss my weight if I feel fine then?

Just asking is a problem for me, I am capable of booking an appointment on the phone and telling the GP that I'm underweight and worried about my health, that's it, it's an anxiety thing.

Aridane Mon 21-Oct-19 06:35:05

Of course get yourself to your GP - you are being courageous, honest and responsible in doing so and looking after your health within the constraints of your eating disorder/ disordered eating.

Print out your first post if you go inarticulate / reticent at the appointment

FennyBridges Mon 21-Oct-19 08:05:38

I know how you feel. I too am not capable of talking to a GP about my eating disorder. I would say if you are having periods you're physically healthy but with your BMI they might not stay for long. My blood pressure can do the same and lower blood pressure is healthy - but if it did too low it can cause you to faint. A friend of mine broke her pelvis this way! The very fact you are posting means you know that despite encouraging signs (menstruation) you know you're not right. Therefore, like Aridane says, you should print off this thread or write it down and simply hand it over to the GP.

They're often really lovely people - aside from doctors xx

MajesticWhine Mon 21-Oct-19 10:38:42

Having periods is a good sign. And dizziness on standing is not necessarily a concern. I get this due to low blood pressure. (I am not underweight).
No one can force you to talk about anything if you are not ready to. So it's definitely a good idea to visit the GP, and they will hopefully ask all the right questions about your physical health.

ManiacalLapwing Mon 21-Oct-19 19:06:13

Thanks for the reassurance, I think I just need to take the step and make an appointment. If nothing changes, I will need to mention the stress I've been under at work too as I think I may need some time off. It's making things more difficult, I cope much better at the weekend than in the week.

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